Following our Healthy Diet Plan and want to swap out a recipe or carry on the plan for longer than seven days? Discover even more delicious recipes below to help you tailor the plans to suit your personal tastes and needs. Balanced and analysed by our nutritionist, they all make great additions to your repertoire.


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1. Healthy lasagne

Healthy lasagne

Enjoy our lighter version of the family classic, lasagne. It has bags of flavour, but comes in at under 500 calories a portion and packs in four of your five-a-day.

Healthy lasagne

2. Meatball minestrone with pesto

Meatball Minestrone Soup

Combine meatballs with minestrone soup to make this easy, filling one-pot. It takes just 25 minutes from prep to plate, so it's an ideal midweek meal.

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Meatball minestrone with pesto

3. Quinoa-coated salmon & sweet potato fishcakes

Salmon Sweet Potato Fishcakes With Quinoa Coating

Make some quick and easy salmon fishcakes with a lovely quinoa coating. Perfect served with peas and vegetables or a side salad.

Quinoa-coated salmon & sweet potato fishcakes

4. Lamb jalfrezi with cumin rice

lamb jalfrezi

Satisfy your curry cravings with this healthy version of a popular takeaway, served with brown rice. It packs in three of your five-a-day, along with iron, vitamin C and fibre.

Lamb jalfrezi with cumin rice

5. Jackfruit bolognese with vegan parmesan

Jackfruit vegan bolognese with spaghetti

Cutting back on meat? Try jackfruit as an alternative. This vegan bolognese not only tastes delicious, but counts as a whopping five of your five-a-day.

Jackfruit bolognese with vegan parmesan

6. South-American style quinoa with eggs

South American-style quinoa with a fried egg

Supercharge your lunch with protein-rich quinoa, and combine it with black beans, avocado and fried egg in this nutritious veggie dish for two.

South-American style quinoa with eggs

7. Chana masala

Chana masala with brown rice and yogurt

Serve this vegetarian Indian chickpea curry as a main meal or side dish. It's gluten free, good for you and freezable, so you can save any leftovers.

Chana masala

8. Little beef & mushroom pies

Little beef and mushroom pies

Treat yourself to these delicious, healthy pies, perfect for entertaining or freezing. Each portion includes all five of your five-a-day, plus calcium, fibre, folate and vitamin C. They're gluten free, too.

Little beef & mushroom pies

9. Quinoa chilli with avocado & coriander

Quinioa chilli with avocado and yogurt

Pack in the nutrients with this meat-free chilli. It contains an impressive five of your five-a-day and is low in fat and calories. It also provides calcium, fibre, vitamin C and iron.

Quinoa chilli with avocado & coriander

10. Moroccan chicken with fennel & olives

Healthy chicken tagine in two white bowls

Get four of your five-a-day with our healthy chicken tagine with fennel and olives. It's ready in under an hour – simply serve with wholemeal couscous for plenty of fibre.

Moroccan chicken with fennel & olives

11. Soupy chicken & mushroom noodles

Noodles with mushrooms and chicken

This hearty noodle dish is made with wholemeal noodles to boost the fibre content, plus protein-rich (and budget-friendly) chicken thighs. Fresh and dried mushrooms add a real umami kick, too. It's low in calories, but big on flavour.

Soupy chicken & mushroom noodles

12. Avocado & black bean eggs

Black bean eggs with tomatoes, avocado and lime

This healthy vegetarian breakfast will really set you up for the day and takes very little time to prepare. It packs in three of your five-a-day and plenty of flavour. Squeeze over some lime for an extra lift. It could make a great lunch (or dinner), too.

Avocado & black bean eggs

13. All-in-one chicken with wilted spinach

Traybake chicken with beetroot and red onions

Enjoy this healthy chicken traybake with a speedy spinach side that's packed with iron. It's also low in fat and contains an impressive four of your five-a-day.

All-in-one chicken with wilted spinach

14. Chicken & sweetcorn soup

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

This classic soup makes a comforting low-calorie lunch or dinner. It's a great way to use up leftovers such as roast chicken. You can use the bones to create a flavourful stock that is also rich in minerals.

Chicken & sweetcorn soup

15. Fish pie with pea & dill mash

Fish pie topped with green dill mash

Crème fraîche adds plenty of creaminess while keeping the calories and saturated fat down in this healthy pie. Lean cod and prawns contribute a good portion of protein.

Fish pie with pea & dill mash

16. Winter vegetable & lentil soup

Winter veg soup with lentils

A nourishing bowl of soup is the ultimate healthy comfort food. Our recipe packs in vitamin C and four of your five-a-day. It's freezable too, so you can make it in advance for a fuss-free lunch or light supper.

Winter vegetable & lentil soup

17. Oat & chia porridge with prunes

Oat and chia porridge topped with pears and prunes

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, cholesterol-busting porridge can be prepared the night before, so there's no excuse to skip breakfast. It's low-fat and a good source of fibre and calcium, plus the fruit provides two of your five-a-day.

Oat & chia porridge with prunes

18. Healthy tuna lettuce wraps

Healthy tuna lettuce wraps with cherry tomatoes

Packed with tuna (a great source of omega-3 fatty acids) and providing three of your five-a-day, these clever wraps with avocado mayo are a great low-carb, high-protein option. The 'mayo' is actually smooth avocado beaten with mustard and vinegar. It makes a fantastic alternative to the real thing in these tasty wraps that are ideal for a speedy lunch.

Note that fresh tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids while canned tuna doesn't, so if you want to substitute for a no-cook, cheaper option, go for canned wild salmon.

Healthy tuna lettuce wraps

19. Healthy bolognese

Healthy bolognese with linguine

This light yet flavourful bolognese is made with pork mince, fennel and cherry tomatoes, and is served over wholemeal pasta. It's low in calories and fat and high in fibre, and provides two of your five-a-day. If you love the slightly aniseed taste of fennel, you could throw in ½ tsp lightly crushed fennel seeds when you add the mince.

Healthy bolognese

20. Asian prawn noodles

Asian prawn noodles with mange tout

Spicy and sour flavours combine with aromatic herbs in this low-fat, low-calorie noodle one-pot. It's a good source of folate, fibre and vitamin C, and contributes two of your five-a-day. Instead of prawns, you could use leftover chicken or lean meat from a roast. Just add at the end and heat through.

Asian prawn noodles

21. Spinach mac 'n' cheese

Healthy mac and cheese with spinach

We've given one of our most-loved comfort food dishes a makeover by adding extra vegetables and swapping regular pasta for the wholegrain variety. The result? A low-calorie veggie dinner dish that's still deliciously cheesy. It provides three of your five-a-day along with folate, fibre and calcium.

Spinach mac 'n' cheese

22. Spicy pies with sweet potato mash

Spicy pies with sweet potato mash with a portion missing

Notch up an impressive four of your five-a-day with this satisfying recipe packed with beans and vegetables. Make a batch of six and freeze the extras for a fuss-free meal on another day. The flavours are loosely based on the classic American sloppy joe, but we've topped it with sweet potato mash instead of serving in a bun. A low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free dish that's finished with a sprinkling of cheese – what more could you want?

Spicy pies with sweet potato mash

23. Salmon pasta salad with lemon & capers

Salmon pasta salad with capers

This satisfying salad boasts beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and counts as two of your five-a-day. Use frozen skinless wild salmon fillets to keep costs down and opt for wholemeal pasta, a good source of fibre. This is a lovely low-calorie lunch that's full of flavour.

Salmon pasta salad with lemon & capers

24. Prawn jambalaya

Prawn jambalaya

Wholegrain basmati rice pairs perfectly with protein-rich prawns and spice in this hearty one-pot. Low in fat and calories, it contains an impressive four of your five-a-day. It couldn't be an easier addition to your midweek menu and it saves on the washing-up.

Prawn jambalaya

25. Rustic vegetable soup

Rustic veg soup

A chunky veggie soup flavoured with garlic, basil and thyme and bulked out with one of our favourite storecupboard foods: cheap, filling lentils. Proof that you can eat healthy food on a budget!

Rustic vegetable soup

26. Carrot & pecan muffins

Healthy breakfast muffins with pecans

Ideal for breakfast and beyond, these wholesome bakes are reminiscent of mini carrot cakes, but with a surprise ingredient: cannellini beans. They add moisture and one of your five-a-day to each sweet treat.

Carrot & pecan muffins

27. Asian prawn & quinoa salad

Asian prawn and quinoa salad with avocado

With crunchy cucumber, juicy prawns and creamy avocado, this has to be one of the most delicious ways to enjoy three of your five-a-day. A lovely light, refreshing lunch that's low in calories and gluten free.

Asian prawn & quinoa salad

28. Chicken katsu curry

Chicken katsu curry with rice and vegetables

The classic katsu curry gets a nifty makeover in this super-healthy dish. We've baked our almond-crusted chicken breast and served it with a zingy cucumber and carrot salad and spicy curry sauce.

Chicken katsu curry

29. Baked sweet potatoes with lentils & red cabbage slaw

Baked sweet potato with red cabbage

Who can resist a piping hot baked potato? We've opted for a nutrient-rich sweet potato topped with spicy lentil dhal and served with crunchy red cabbage slaw. It's vegetarian, gluten free and rich in calcium and iron.

Baked sweet potatoes with lentils & red cabbage slaw

30. Healthy chicken pasta bake

Healthy chicken pasta bake topped with mozzarella and fresh basil in a baking dish

Try this healthy chicken pasta bake with peppers, courgette and ricotta for a nutritious midweek dinner. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

Healthy chicken pasta bake

31. Healthy tuna pasta

Healthy tuna pasta with tomatoes and sweetcorn on a blue plate

Try our quick and easy healthy tuna pasta. It's comforting, but also packed with three of your five-a-day and can be doubled to feed a family.

Healthy tuna pasta bake

32. Healthy baked beans

Healthy baked beans with jacket potatoes

Try our speedy, healthy recipe for homemade baked beans. It wins hands down when it comes to taste and texture, and delivers three of your five-a-day.

Healthy baked beans

33. Healthy chicken stir-fry

Healthy chicken stir-fry on a white plate

Make this nutritious, veg-packed stir-fry when you need dinner fast – and if you like a hit of spice, add some chilli to the rich peanut dressing.

Healthy chicken stir-fry

34. Vegan leek & potato soup

Vegan leek and potato soup

Try this dairy-free, plant-based twist on the classic leek and potato soup. Ideal for lunch or a starter, top with chopped chives and enjoy with crusty bread

Vegan leek & potato soup

35. Spicy veggie pies with peanut butter mash

Spicy veggie pies with peanut butter mash

Enjoy these full-flavoured spicy veggie pies with peanut butter mash. Loaded with protein and carbs, they're an ideal post-exercise dinner choice

Spicy veggie pies with peanut butter mash

36. Fragrant biryani with coriander cod

Fragrant biryani with coriander cod

Try this delicious biryani served with cod fillets. White fish is a great lean protein, making this a healthy dish that's low in calories and fat.

Fragrant biryani with coriander cod

37. Paneer chilli con carne

Chilli paneer con carne with quinoa

Try this twist on chilli con carne, which combines beans and warming spices with Indian cheese. It's also served on quinoa instead of rice for extra protein.

Paneer chilli con carne

38. Orange & dark chocolate yogurt bowls

Orange & dark chocolate yogurt bowls with toppings

Make a delicious yogurt bowl for breakfast, with a secret layer of creamy cholesterol-busting oats cooked in soya milk to make it more substantial.

Orange & dark chocolate yogurt bowls

39. Vegan carbonara

Vegan carbonara in two bowls

Mushrooms with smoky paprika replace of bacon in this plant-based take on an Italian classic, forming part of the vegan Healthy Diet Plan

Vegan carbonara

40. Spiced spinach eggs

Spiced spinach eggs in a frying pan

Pack in the nutrients in our spinach eggs with beans, red lentils, passata and basil. As well as delivering on taste, it counts as all five of your five-a-day.

Spiced spinach eggs

41. Cod & olive tagine with brown rice

Cod and olive tagine with brown rice

Make the most of cod in this delicately spiced, aromatic tagine that's low in fat and calories. Like other seafood, cod is a useful source of iodine.

Cod & olive tagine with brown rice

42. Crunchy peanut butter & banana pots

Crunchy peanut butter & banana pots

Try a winning combo of peanut butter and banana for breakfast with these healthy vegan breakfast pots, made with porridge oats, soya yogurt and cinnamon.

Crunchy peanut butter & banana pots

43. Spiced chicken egg wraps

Spiced chicken egg wraps

Eggs form the base of these healthy wraps and they're filled with spiced chicken, black beans, tomatoes, coriander and red onion for a filling, tasty lunch.

Spiced chicken egg wraps

44. Lemon & spinach rice with feta

Lemon & spinach rice with feta

Lemon & spinach rice with feta

45. Chia & yogurt puddings with berries

Chia pudding with strawberries

These summery little breakfast puddings are made with bio yogurt and mineral-rich chia seeds. The seeds swell to create a texture like tapioca pudding, and contain lots of fibre as well as being a useful source of omega-3 fatty acids. They're a nutritious and versatile ingredient to include in your diet.

Chia & yogurt puddings with berries

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