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Discover BBC Good Food’s nutritious recipes and expert tips on everything from special diets and sports nutrition, to men’s and women’s health.
Healthy dairy-free recipes

Healthy dairy-free recipes

Discover nutritious, dairy-free recipes to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Healthy dessert ideas

Healthy dessert ideas

Who said dessert can't be healthy? Satisfy any sweet tooth with our collection of tasty treats.
What is the military diet?

What is the military diet?

Is the military diet safe and effective for weight loss? Find out here.
What is a balanced diet?

What is a balanced diet?

Our experts offer practical advice on how to eat to cover all your nutritional bases.
What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

Need advice on following an anti-inflammatory diet? Get all the facts from our expert nutritionist.

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Healthy eating doesn't have to cost a fortune. Try to plan your meals for the week and make a clear grocery list to avoid buying unnecessary items. Double the recipe of your favourite dinners so that you can use leftovers for lunch the next day. Focus on whole foods as they are often less expensive than their more processed counterparts. For example, bulk buying staples like dried beans, rice or pasta is much cheaper than buying tinned beans or pre-cooked grains. Equally, choose generic brands where you can as these are often the same quality, just less expensive. Finally, buy cheaper cuts of meat (or mix in plant-based protein options) which are great to use in soups, stews and burritos.
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