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Easy, healthy breakfast ideas

Easy, healthy breakfast ideas

Simple, tasty breakfasts that'll do you good.
7 of the best workout videos

7 of the best workout videos

Work up a sweat at home using online exercise classes and videos.
What is an intermittent fasting diet?

What is an intermittent fasting diet?

Learn about the benefits of fasting and the difference between 5:2 and 16:8 fasting styles.
How to eat for more energy

How to eat for more energy

Feeling sluggish? Try our tips and satisfying recipes designed to support your energy levels.
How to make the perfect smoothie

How to make the perfect smoothie

Find out how to make your smoothie delicious and nutritious every time.

Top tips for mental wellbeing

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Top 10 healthy, mood-boosting recipes

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6 tools to manage stress-eating

Everyday stress can significantly impact our emotional health and lead to...
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What to eat to stay healthy and happy

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Alarm clock in bed Guide

Eat right, sleep tight

Lack of sleep is a common complaint; with only one in 10 of us saying we always...
Mindfulness tips for working from home Guide

Mindfulness tips for working from home

Discover simple techniques for practising mindfulness everyday, no matter where...

Plant-based inspiration

Burrito bowl with chipotle black beans, sliced avocado, rice and hot sauce Guide

What is a plant-based diet?

Lentil dhal with cauliflower in bowl with fork Guide

Easy vegan dinner recipes

Looking for some simple vegan dinner options? Try one of our warming veg-packed...
Bowls of chilli with avocado Guide

Healthy vegan comfort food ideas

Find inspiration for wholesome meals with our healthy vegan dinner ideas...
Chocolate and love bar Review

The best vegan chocolate taste tested

For people following a vegan diet or those who are intolerant to dairy, we'...
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The best vegan and vegetarian cookbooks

Read our round-up of vegetarian cookbooks, plus find our top vegan cookbooks...
When buying tinned produce, do opt for those packed in natural juice or water, without added sugar or salt. You can also include a 30g portion of dried fruit and a 150ml portion of fruit juice or smoothies once a day, ideally eaten at mealtimes, rather than in between (to reduce the risk of tooth decay). Tinned and dried forms of fruit and vegetables are great storecupboard staples, making them especially handy if it is difficult to get to the shops.
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