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All our marathon meal plans

All our marathon meal plans

Discover exactly what to eat in the week before the marathon with our expert plans.
Why is the Japanese diet so healthy?

Why is the Japanese diet so healthy?

Learn why the traditional Japanese diet, rich in veg, fermented foods and fish, is so good for you.
Is popcorn healthy?

Is popcorn healthy?

It's a favourite snack food but what are the health benefits of eating popcorn? We take a look.
Is dark chocolate good for you?

Is dark chocolate good for you?

We look at how much dark chocolate can fit into a balanced diet and which nutrients it contains.
Top healthy breakfast recipes

Top healthy breakfast recipes

Kickstart your day with our delicious, nutritious and super satisfying breakfast ideas.

Marathon nutrition

A woman preparing for a race Guide

Marathon meal plan

A plate of quinoa salad topped with halloumi Guide

Vegetarian marathon meal plan

What does an optimal vegetarian marathon diet look like? Discover what sports...
Vegan marathon meal plan Guide

Vegan marathon meal plan

If you're vegan and running a marathon, we’ve put together a week-...
A fillet of cod on top of a mango, tomato and cucumber salad Guide

Gluten-free marathon meal plan

Running a marathon on a gluten-free diet? Discover our sports nutritionist...
What to eat when running a marathon Guide

What to eat when running a marathon

You've got the gear, trained in the plummeting temperatures of winter - now...

Healthy lunch ideas for work

Four bowls with a grain mix of bulgur and quinoa with various toppings Recipe

Bulgur & quinoa lunch bowls


(10 ratings)

A lunchbox filled with lentil, turkey and clementine salad Recipe

Turkey & clementine lunch bowl


(2 ratings)

Nuts, pulses and lean meat make this a protein-rich lunch that's perfect to...
Stuffed Moroccan pitta Recipe

Stuffed Moroccan pitta


(6 ratings)

Stuff wheat-free bread with falafels, hummus, red pepper and rocket leaves for...
Veggie wholewheat pot noodle Recipe

Veggie wholewheat pot noodle


(1 rating)

This clever packed lunch is super healthy, with crisp vegetables, wholewheat...
Chicken, butter bean and tomato salad in a green lunchbox Collection

Healthy packed lunch

Forget soggy sandwiches and let our healthy recipes inspire you to make tastier...
Training for a marathon or sporting event? There are many potential links to muscle cramping, but there's no single answer or cure. In many cases it appears that muscle fatigue (from increased training) plays a large part. Sodium depletion and dehydration have previously been linked to cramping onset, so it's wise to keep on top of hydration practices. Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle function, and a deficiency is also thought to result in cramping. If you're worried you may have low magnesium levels, foods such as oats, rye and wheat, as well as mixed nuts and seeds, are good sources.
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