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What is a flexitarian diet?

What is a flexitarian diet?

Find out the facts with our expert guide.
The health benefits of apples

The health benefits of apples

They're packed with important vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.
Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween

Start planning some nutritious, delicious and super-spooky bites for your Halloween party.
How to make courgetti

How to make courgetti

Try our top tips for the perfect courgette 'noodles' and spiralize your way to five-a-day.
The health benefits of nuts

The health benefits of nuts

From cashews to pistachios, discover the nutritional profiles of different types of nuts.

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Is pasta healthy?

A bowl of porridge topped with fresh fruit Guide

Is porridge healthy?

Which nutrients are in oats, which toppings are healthiest, and are quick-cook...
A bowl of hummus topped with olive oil Guide

Is hummus healthy?

Hummus is rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. But what is a good...
Slices of halloumi on a barbecue Guide

Is halloumi healthy?

Halloumi is a great source of calcium, but it's high in salt and fat...
A bowl of couscous topped with onions and herbs Guide

Is couscous healthy?

What is couscous made from, what's a healthy portion size, and how can you...

Healthy snack ideas

A flavoured hummus served with vegetable sticks Guide

The best healthy snacks for work

Curried hummus served on cucumber sticks and a spoon Recipe

Curried hummus


(0 ratings)

Try this moreish curried hummus as an alternative to sugar-laden snacks in the...
Chickpea Bombay mix Recipe

Chickpea Bombay mix


(1 rating)

Make this healthy, gluten-free Bombay mix the next time you crave a snack. The...
Basic curried roast chickpeas Recipe

Basic curried roast chickpeas


(1 rating)

Avoid the 3pm sugar crash with these healthy curried roast chickpeas that make...
A plate of chicken satay with sliced cucumber and sweet chilli dip Recipe

Nutty chicken satay strips


(30 ratings)

Keep these nutty chicken satay strips in the fridge for a healthy choice when...
Schedule some drink-free days into your week. Taking a break can ‘reset’ your tolerance to alcohol and help you enjoy some of the benefits of reducing your intake, such as better sleep and less stress.