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Top 10 healthy comfort food recipes

Looking for comfort food that's good for the body as well as the soul? Try our top 10 classic, healthy recipes that will satisfy those cravings. 

Some days cry out for comfort food – satisfying stews, spicy curries, and indulgent desserts. Get even more of a feel-good factor with dishes that are not only delicious, but have added health benefits too.


We’ve cut the sugar and calories and ramped up the portions of fruit and vegetables in some of our all-time favourite foods, so you can eat well everyday.

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1. Cardamom chicken with lime leaves

No one will guess this flavourful dish is super-healthy, low in calories, and provides four of your five-a-day. Spices add layers of flavour to lean chicken and melting chunks of aubergine, while lime leaves add a zesty fragrance. We’ve also added a satisfying side of nutrient-rich, turmeric-spiced brown basmati rice with red lentils.

Try our cardamom chicken with lime leaves

2. Sticky baked meatloaf with avocado & black bean salsa

Combine lean turkey mince with protein-packed quinoa and a sticky onion glaze to make a satsifying supper that’ll please the whole family. Serve with a colourful side of avocado, black bean and tomato salsa for a gluten-free meal full of goodness.

Try our sticky baked meatloaf with avocado & black bean salsa

3. Pork & apple stew with parsley & thyme dumplings

Proof dumplings can be healthy. These wholesome bites use spelt flour and are cooked on top of the stew, so they absorb the flavours of cider, mustard and apple without the need for extra oil. With three of your five-a-day and plenty of fibre, this is a truly warming and nutritious supper.

Try our pork & apple stew with parsley & thyme dumplings

4. Shakshuka

Is there a more comforting start to the day than a steaming pan of shakshuka? Eggs are perfectly poached in a smoky, spiced tomato sauce, packed with peppers, onions and fresh herbs.Try our healthy shakshuka

5. Jerk chicken burger

Our list of classic comfort food wouldn’t be complete without a burger. Be transported to sunnier climbs with lean chicken breasts chargrilled with jerk seasoning, then sandwiched between soft buns with mango, tomato and lettuce. This hits every taste bud for a satisfying and healthy burger option.Try our jerk chicken burger

6. Super-quick sesame ramen

Sometimes the comfort of a dish lies in the ease of its preparation. If you’re looking for a super-quick solution to your comfort food cravings, this healthy veggie ramen ticks all the boxes. It’s warming, flavourful, low in calories and cheap to make – what more could you want?Try our super-quick sesame ramen

7. Cajun prawn pizza

Who said pizza has to be unhealthy? This recipe ditches cheese in favour of juicy smoked prawns. A wholemeal flour base offers a boost of fibre, while peppers, tomatoes and celery add a nutritious hit.Try our cajun prawn pizza

8. Frozen strawberry yogurt

Hurrah for healthy ice cream – well, kind of! This super-easy frozen yogurt provides all the creamy sweetness you want from an ice cream recipe, without the calories. With only three ingredients, you can easily whip up a batch and keep it in the freezer for days when you need a creamy treat.

Try our frozen strawberry yogurt

9. Chocolate & berry mousse pots

Try our chocolate & berry mousse pots for times when only chocolate will do. This smooth and creamy mousse uses rich dark chocolate and low-fat yogurt to create an indulgence in disguise. 

10. Sweet & fruity Yorkshire pudding

Nothing says comfort like a Yorkshire pudding. This sweet version is not only a healthier alternative to a classic dessert, but uses up storecupboard canned fruit and batter mix.

Try our sweet & fruity Yorkshire pudding

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What comfort food would you like to be healthier? We’d love to hear your suggestions below…