Christmas is a day for fabulous food and relaxing with family and friends. It doesn't have to mean slaving over a hot stove. Whether you want savoury or sweet, hearty or light, there's a breakfast recipe to cater for your every craving. We've got low-fat festive bowls and uber-indulgent pancake plates, take your pick!


Apple and clementine Bircher

Soak these oats in sweet apple juice for a filling bowl of fruit and warming cinnamon. Clementines and a handful of pomegranate seeds make this the prettiest breakfast on the table. Due to the overnight soaking, this breakfast is a simple assembly job. Mix up our apple & clementine Bircher in just 10 minutes and dish it up the following morning. There's no cooking involved.

Simple nutty pancakes

These nutty pancakes are so easy to make, the kids can get involved with cooking them up and sprinkling over their preferred toppings. Using agave syrup rather than sugar is a healthier swap and folding chopped nuts into the batter adds extra crunch.

Kale, tomato & poached egg on toast

If you're trying to beat the bulge this Christmas, treat yourself to perfect poached eggs on toast and don't sweat it. This low-calorie dish has it all; a smattering of feta, curly kale and a runny yolk.

Smoked salmon, miso & sesame tartine

This speedy brunch tartine adds an Asian-inspired twist to your standard smoked salmon brekkie, with miso paste and a sesame seed topping. If you're tempted by tartines, why not try these other options:

Almond butter, banana, goji berries & sunflower seed tartine
Boiled egg, avocado & quick pickled radish tartine
Ricotta, blackberry & pine nut tartine

Breakfast banana split

The ultimate treat, dessert for breakfast! Our brunch version of the classic banana split has a healthy spread of nut butter, frozen yogurt for ice cream, granola and as many berries as you please. If you want to experiment with creating your own nut butters, check out our recipes:

Almond, cashew & honey butter
Hazelnut & chocolate butter
Pistachio & cardamom butter

Mustard mushrooms on toast

Something creamy and comforting always goes down well on a cold winter morning. These mustard mushrooms on toast are a speedy, healthy breakfast with a light cream cheese sauce that's hard to resist.

Bloody Mary scrambled eggs & smoked salmon

This is a breakfast that'll set you up for some serious celebrating, and is the perfect antidote for the morning after a night of getting ready for the Big Day! These Bloody Mary scrambled eggs with smoked salmon have a splash of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce as a nod to the cocktail, adding a little extra kick.

Strawberry brunch bruschettas

Seriously indulgent strawberry brunch bruschettas, what's not to love? Fruit and nut bread, topped with creamy ricotta, strawberries and a drizzle of slightly salted almond sauce is the perfect way to start Christmas Day.

Dippy eggs with Marmite soldiers

Everyone loves a runny yolk, kids and adults alike. These dippy eggs with Marmite soldiers are a nutritious way to kick off the Christmas celebrations. Salty, savoury Marmite gives the egg yolk an umami hit.

Poached eggs on avocado & feta toast

This moreish combo of creamy avocado and salty feta, topped with a sprinkling of chilli and a poached egg is worth getting out of bed for. Poached eggs with avocado take minutes to prepare and quantities are easily increased for a big, hungry family!

Match these tasty breakfast recipes with a delicious smoothie from our collection.


What's your favourite Christmas morning treat? Let us know in the comments below...

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