When wet and dreary weather strikes, even in summer, it's often better to swap typical sunny summer barbecue recipes – like our easy barbecue recipes, vegetarian barbecue recipes and barbecue sides – for something more comforting. A warming bowl of pasta not only ticks that box, but is perfect for staving off the upcoming winter blues. Pasta is also a great option when you're low on energy, as it only takes minutes to prepare – check out our helpful guide of tips and tricks on how to cook pasta to ensure you're getting it right every time. It's also great for feeding a crowd, as many of our recipes can be batch-cooked or frozen. For more, check out our top 10 pasta recipes for feeding a crowd.


If you're trying to reduce your energy usage during the cost of living crisis, find out how to cook pasta in the microwave and discover our best no-cook pasta sauce recipes.

1. Chicken & bacon pasta

Two plates of tagliatelle with chicken and bacon. Topped with parsley

Toss chicken, bacon and tagliatelle in a creamy sauce to make this easy pasta dish. With only two steps, it's the perfect fuss-free dinner after a hard day. Pair with a fresh salad, like our kale salad or marinated tomato salad for extra colour and crunch.

2. Caponata pasta

Pot of pasta with tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, parmesan slices and basil leaves.

Craft our effortless vegetarian caponata pasta in a mere 20 minutes. This recipe is designed to be simple, budget-friendly and nutritious, providing three of your five-a-day. The briny saltiness and tangy sourness of the capers perfectly complement the natural sweetness offered by the raisins, creating a fantastic flavour pairing.

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3. Healthy vegan pasta bake

Pot of tomato pasta topped with cashew white sauce topping, cherry tomato halves and basil leaves.

Enjoy this hearty, healthy vegan pasta bake midweek, then reheat the leftovers on another night. It's made with courgettes, lentils, basil and a clever cashew topping that replaces traditional white sauce – simply blitz soaked cashews with nutritional yeast and bouillon powder.

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4. Pasta with salmon & peas

Pot of pasta with salmon and peas next to a bowl of the same.

Cook this salmon pasta dish in less than 20 minutes – a perfect family dinner that everyone will enjoy. It also provides a healthy dose of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, ensuring a wholesome dinner that packs in the nutrients.

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5. Big-batch bolognese

Bowl of spaghetti bolognese topped with parmesan shards

Experience the heartwarming comfort of this high-protein bolognese, which is made in a large batch so you'll have a meal ready to go when you need it – simply freeze half, defrost and reheat when you're hungry. You can also make this in a slow cooker, saving both time and energy.

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6. Baked feta pasta

Tray of baked feta, pasta, tomatoes and basil

Try this easy vegetarian pasta bake – sweet roasted cherry tomatoes pair well with the soft, tangy feta. Tip the cooked pasta in towards the end of baking, and loosen with some pasta water until the sauce is your desired consistency. Season to taste and scatter over basil leaves before serving.

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7. Spaghetti with tomato & walnuts

Bowl of spaghetti with tomato and walnuts

Serve a bowl of spaghetti with aubergine, tomatoes, capers and walnuts for a fibre-rich, healthy and filling lunch that's part of our Healthy Diet Plan. Who said sticking to a healthy vegan diet must be hard work? This recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare, then it will be on your table in under an hour.

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8. Lemony tuna, tomato & caper one-pot pasta

Bowl of pasta with tuna, tomatoes, capera and parsley

Upgrade traditional tuna pasta by adding capers, mascarpone, lemon zest and parmesan. Cooking your pasta and tomatoes in stock instead of water guarantees extra flavour. Sprinkle fresh chopped parsley over before serving for a pop of fresh colour.

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9. Chicken pasta bake

Baking dish filled with chicken and tomato pasta, next to a plate of the same

This chicken pasta bake is a cheesy family favourite that's easy to prepare on a busy weeknight. It's made in just three easy steps, and there's a helpful video tutorial to follow. It serves six, but it chills well – ideal for leftovers.

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10. Halloumi pasta

Bowl of tomato pasta with halloumi topped with parsley

Infuse pasta with the bold flavours of halloumi, olives, courgette, and tomato. This recipe serves four, and is satisfying while still being nutritious – it's low in both calories and fat.

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11. Olive, cauliflower & harissa pasta

Large pot of tagliatelle with olives, cauliflower and harissa topped with parsley

Add vibrant colour and a cosy warmth into this vegan midweek pasta with the addition of harissa. Here, it's combined with fried cauliflower, green olives and fresh parsley for a moreish pasta dish. If you crave spiciness, you can always add a little more harissa.

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12. Pesto salmon pasta bake

Baking dish of pasta with salmon, broccoli and tomatoes topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan

Feed the family with this salmon pasta bake that contains added veg. Hidden under the pesto and mascarpone are broccoli and tomatoes, so the kids are guaranteed to eat some vegetables.

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13. Nduja lasagne

Baking dish of lasagne with a chunk missing being held above on a spatula

Elevate classic lasagne by adding spicy nduja, which enhances the richness of this family favourite. A combination of grated and torn mozzarella results in an oozy, cheesy bake that makes this dish even more indulgent.

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14. Hearty pasta soup

Bowl of soup with vegetables and tortelloni

Put shop-bought shortcuts to good use by making this hearty pasta soup with a pack of fresh filled tortelloni. It's filling, full of fibre and low in fat, and ideal for a large crowd, as the soup can be prepared and frozen ahead of time, then reheated for last-minute gatherings.

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15. Vegan carbonara

Bowl of spaghetti with mushrooms

Try a plant-based twist on an Italian classic with this vegan Healthy Diet Plan recipe. In our version, smoky paprika-infused mushrooms replace bacon, but the resulting dish has the same comforting creaminess as traditional carbonara. The added bonus? It's low in calories and rich in fibre, making it a wholesome choice.

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16. Tuna & sundried tomato pasta bake

Baking dish of pasta with tuna, sundried tomatoes and sweetcorn

Give this tuna & sundried tomato pasta bake a go – it's simple to make using storecupboard ingredients you may already have. It can also be ready in just 25 minutes, and serves six. If you like, make and freeze this bake ahead of time, then bake on a busy weeknight.

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17. One-pan pesto, chicken & spinach lasagne

Large pan of a creamy pesto, chicken and spinach lasagne

This simple one-pan pasta bake results in less washing-up – ideal for midweek. Swap the chicken for peas or broad beans if you want a veggie option.

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18. Wild garlic & mushroom lasagne

Pot of mushroom lasagne

Make the most of the short wild garlic season in the UK with our mushroom lasagne, where it's infused into the silky white sauce. Chestnut mushrooms make a great plant-based alternative for this vegetarian lasagne, as they are inexpensive, but meaty and filling. Mushrooms also bring umami notes, and can absorb intense flavours, such as white wine and garlic.

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19. Beef stroganoff with herby pasta

Herby tagliatelle covered in beef stroganoff.

Discover our new take on classic beef stroganoff. We've swapped out the usual rice and opted instead for pappardelle pasta. The tender beef rump steak pairs well with button mushrooms, and it's finished with crème fraîche and parsley for richness and freshness.

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20. Creamy pumpkin pasta

Plate of pasta coated in a creamy pumpkin sauce and topped with parmesan and pepper

Make the most of pumpkins this autumn – when puréed and combined with mascarpone and parmesan, the flesh transforms into a silky, delicious pasta sauce. This recipe is high in fibre, and can be on the table in under an hour.


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