Looking for some unique pizza topping ideas? Try our one of a kind flavour combination and try a new spin on a classic dish. Making your own pizza at home is a great budget alternative to a takeaway.


Begin your pizza with our pizza dough base and some pizza sauce. Then top with your favourite cheese and customise with toppings. Or simply add some extra toppings to a frozen, store-bought pizza.

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Pizza topping ingredients

  • Cheese – go traditional with a generous portion of mozzarella, or mix things up with cheddar or parmesan
  • Protein – try adding shredded chicken, cooked mince, pulled pork, spicy sausage, bacon, crispy tofu or even a fried egg
  • Veggies – load up on veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms, courgette, aubergine, broccoli or olives
  • Greens – add a handful of leafy greens like rocket, spinach and basil for some colour
  • Sauces – add an extra drizzle of your favourite sauce such as barbecue, chilli oil or peri peri

10 best pizza toppings

1. Chicken tikka masala pizzas

Three pizzas topped with chicken tikka and vegetables

Combine two takeaway favourites with these easy chicken tikka masala pizzas. Simply top naan breads with spiced chicken, green peppers, natural yogurt, mango chutney and coriander. This simple dinner comes together in just 20 minutes.

2. Sausage & pesto pizza

Sausage and pesto pizza, sliced up

Make these cheesy sausage and pesto pizzas with just a handful of ingredients for an easy, takeaway-style dinner. Top frozen pizza dough with a tomato sauce, pork sausage, buffalo mozzarella, fresh pesto and basil leaves.

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3. Rainbow pizzas

Sliced pizza with an assortment of vegetable toppings

This colourful dinner is a great way for kids to get their five-a-day. Top two plain pizza bases with mozzarella cherries, red and yellow tomatoes, sprouting broccoli, green olives, fresh pesto and basil leaves.

4. Spinach & blue cheese pizza

Pizza topped with spinach, onions and blue cheese

Try a more unique pizza topping with this vegetarian spinach & blue cheese pizza. Try making your own pizza base with wholewheat spelt flour. Then top with crumbled blue cheese, mushrooms, leafy spinach, red onions and walnuts.

5. Frying pan pizza with aubergine, ricotta & mint

Frying pan pizza topped with cheese

Make your pizza on the stove in a frying pan to ensure an extra crispy base. Fry some sliced aubergines with a drizzle of olive oil until tender and cooked through. Add to your pizza with spoonfuls of ricotta. Scatter with mint and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil just before serving.

6. Roast cauliflower cheese pizza

Pizza with cauliflower and cheese

Combine two classic comfort foods – pizza and cauliflower cheese, with this easy recipe. First roast some cauliflower until tender, then spread mascarpone on the pizza base. Scatter over the cauliflower and dot over the remaining mascarpone, then sprinkle with cheese.

7. Caramelised onion & goat's cheese pizza

Caramelised onion and goat's cheese pizza

This easy recipe uses goat's cheese for tang, while the onions give it sweetness. Add baby spinach leaves, Kalamata olives, thyme, sunflower seeds and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

8. BBQ chicken pizza

Square BBQ chicken pizza

This filling pizza with hearty toppings is sure to go down a storm, plus it's low in fat and calories. Top with smoked cheese, diced chicken breast, peppers, onions, baby plum tomatoes and barbecue sauce.

9. Rye pizza with figs, fennel, gorgonzola & hazelnuts

Pizza topped with blue cheese and figs

This sophisticated pizza is an elegant option for adults on date night. Make the base with a mixture of strong white flour, '00' flour, rye flour and semolina flour. Thinly slice the fennel with a knife or mandolin, then fry with onions until cooked through. Top the pizza with the fennel mixture, halved figs, crumbled gorgonzola and finish with balsamic vinegar.

10. Chocolate pizza

Chocolate pizza with marshmallows and a variety of other toppings

Who says pizzas having to be savoury? We've devised the most satisfying sweet treat to please all chocoholics and dessert devotees. A fluffy homemade pizza dough is topped with silky chocolate spread and marshmallows. Other toppings which would work well include bananas, pretzels, caramelised biscuit spread and caramel sauce.


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