Whether you're seeking to break the monotony of mundane lunches, tired of the same soggy sandwich routine, or aiming to trim expenses during office days by crafting delectable homemade lunches, we've curated a collection of the finest, hassle-free lunch ideas just for you.


Find more inspiration for vibrant salads, hearty soups and veg-packed wraps with our healthy lunch recipes. For lighter lunchbox favourites, check out our low-calorie lunch recipes. If you're sticking to a vegetarian diet, we have lots of vegetarian lunch recipes to choose from. Make sure you're looking after yourself with our mood-boosting lunch recipes, filled with key ingredients to support your brain function and boost your mood. Find more quick lunch recipes for easy options on busy days.

1. Chicken Sandos

Chicken sandos

Transform your leftover garlic and parmesan breaded chicken with giardiniera into a delightful sandwich—an effortless option perfect for busy workdays, requiring only five minutes to prepare. Utilising leftovers ensures nothing goes to waste, making it an ideal choice for mindful eating.

We offer inventive options using the same original recipe for those who prefer alternatives to bread. Explore our tempting chicken rice bowl or indulge in a flavourful Caesar salad wrap. Enjoy the versatility of our signature dish in these satisfying alternatives.

2. Chicken satay salad

Chicken strips on top of lettuce with a sauce, pomegranate seeds and cucumber slices

Try this effortless midweek meal, packed with protein and bursting with flavour. Simply marinate chicken breasts and generously drizzle them with a zesty peanut satay sauce for a satisfying dish.

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Ideal for those working from home, this recipe offers a quick and straightforward option requiring just 25 minutes to complete. Alternatively, if you're heading to the office, prepare it the night before for a delightful packed lunch that's sure to impress.

Serve a bright plate of goodness with our fuss-free chicken salad recipes.

3. Falafel burgers

Plate of falafel burgers in pitta breads with salad inside

Enjoy the goodness of a nutritious burger that not only satisfies your cravings but also keeps your calorie count in check. Perfect for anyone seeking a fulfilling yet low-calorie meal option, these vegan burgers are a breeze to prepare, taking under 20 minutes from start to finish.
This recipe yields up to 4 servings, making it ideal for meal prepping on Sunday evenings to ensure you're covered for most of the week. Customise your pittas with your favourite additions, such as pickled red cabbage, creamy hummus, or crisp cucumbers, to add variety and prevent flavour fatigue.

4. Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette

Two halves of a vegetarian wrap in white paper

Experience the vibrant array of flavours with our straightforward and nutritious veggie wrap. Packed with olives and assorted vegetables, this sandwich offers an effortless vegan, low-calorie lunch solution perfect for enjoying at your desk. Watch as your colleagues gaze with envy as you savour every bite of this 5-a-day masterpiece.

Discover more wrap recipes for an easy portable lunch.

5. Crispy smashed new potatoes with asparagus, jammy eggs & pickled radish

Crispy smashed new potatoes with asparagus, jammy eggs & pickled radish

Embrace the flavours of spring with our lively salad bursting with seasonal produce. As late spring rolls around in the UK, consider incorporating podded broad beans or sweet peas for an extra burst of freshness. Prepare this hearty salad the night before heading to the office, ensuring it's ready to grab and go. Remember to withhold the dressing until serving time to maintain the crispness of the potatoes and prevent sogginess.

Check out our spring recipes for our favourite recipes to celebrate the season.

6. Bulgur & quinoa lunch bowls

Four plates of quinoa and bulgur wheat. Two topped with avocado, olives and rocket and the other topped with orange, beetroot and chickpeas

Introducing our versatile meal-prep grain bowls featuring a single base complemented by two distinct and delectable toppings. Opt for the refreshing combination of avocado, olives, and rocket, or enjoy chickpeas, beetroot, and orange. With these diverse topping choices, monotony is a thing of the past, ensuring this dish becomes a beloved favourite that you'll be tempted to enjoy time and again due to its simplicity. Both options boast healthfulness and are entirely vegan.

For more nourishing lunch options, check out our healthy bowl recipes.

7. Spicy bean & avocado quesadillas

Spicy bean & avocado quesadillas

Savour the bold flavours of a Mexican-inspired lunch bursting with zest. These quesadillas are quick to whip up and offer a healthy, low-calorie option packed with three servings of your daily recommended 5-a-day. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, they retain their deliciousness. For the perfect finishing touch, sprinkle some fresh coriander and bring a wedge of lime to work for an added burst of freshness when squeezed on top.

Discover more Mexican inspired dishes with our Mexican recipes.

8. Spicy rice noodle salad with smoked mackerel

Platter of rice noodles with smoked mackerel, carrot, edamame and coriander

Delight in the vibrant flavours of our rice noodle salad adorned with delicate smoked mackerel flakes. The spicy dressing adds a delightful kick, though you have the freedom to adjust the chilli to suit your preference. This gluten-free lunch option is quick and easy to prepare, requiring just twenty minutes, and promises a satisfying and flavourful meal.

Liven up noodles by trying them in one of our noodle salad recipes.

9. Rustic vegetable soup

A pot and bowl of vegetable soup

This low-fat veggie soup is made with carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, lentils, celery, and tomato, providing you with three of your five-a-day. If you want to bulk up this riot of colour even more, why not try adding borlotti beans or chicken breast? For an injection of wholesome, healthy goodness, look no further. This recipe makes four servings but is freezable, so if you find yourself getting tired of the same lunch, just save it for another time when you want an easy fix.

Make one of our easy soup recipes for a wholesome, filling lunch.

10. Coconut curry noodle bowl

Bowl of noodles with pak choi, carrot and fresh coriander

Make a big batch of these coconut curry noodles to eat later in the week. We used pak choi, green beans, carrots and udon noodles in our stir-fry, but you can personalise it to add any of your favourite veggies.

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