Five New Year’s resolution ideas for 2017

Five New Year’s resolution ideas for 2017

Kick-start the New Year with our inspiring ideas for resolutions, whether you want to get healthy, learn new cooking skills or eat less meat.

Not sure what to choose as your New Year’s resolution? We’ve got plenty of inspiration and ideas for foodies, including how-to videos that will help you perfect a new cooking technique, delicious ways to make packed lunches a daily habit, plus advice on exactly what to eat to boost energy, improve your immunity and lose excess pounds.


Learn a new skill

Trying your hand at a new technique will boost your confidence in the kitchen, expand your repertoire of recipes and can be a lot of fun too. We’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you choose your next challenge, and you don’t have to feel daunted – we’re with you every step of the way with our technique videos and how-to guides. Budding bakers can prove their skills with our video guides to making bread, crumpets, brioche and bao buns, seafood fans can learn how to cook scallops, prepare prawns and make sushi, while wannabe chocolatiers can discover how to temper and work with chocolate. Want to take your food skills to the next level and embark upon a career in the kitchen? Our insider tips and tricks are sure to help – we’ve interviewed the likes of TV chef Tom Kerridge, restaurant reviewer Marina O’Loughlin and chocolatier Paul A. Young to find out how they landed their dream jobs in food.

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Feel healthier and fitter

At BBC Good Food, we don’t believe in fad diets or extreme regimes, but a balanced approach focused around nourishing your body with wholesome foods. If you’re looking to put the excesses of Christmas behind you in the new year, our brand-new seven-day Healthy Diet Plan is a great way to start. Sign up to receive seven days of exclusive recipes that have been triple-tested and nutritionally analysed, as well as a handy shopping list, plus we’ve got a vegetarian version of the plan, too. Each day is nutritionally balanced, provides around 1,500 calories and is packed with more than five of your five-a-day. As a result, you can expect to cut down on added sugar, lose excess pounds and increase your energy. You’ll improve your digestion and give your immunity a boost, too.

If you want to get more active, our fitness and nutrition tips are sure to come in handy, from meal plans for runners to how to workout at home. And finally, if you’re considering dieting, make sure you have all the facts first. Read our in-depth analysis of the most popular diets to get the lowdown on many plans, from detoxes and the Dukan diet to the Sirtfood plan and 5:2. Before you embark on your regimen, read these six things you should consider before starting a diet

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Try a new cuisine

One of the best ways to shake yourself out of a same-food rut is to vow to try a new cuisine altogether. Bring fresh tastes to your dining table with our travel-inspired recipe collections, from Brazilian and Caribbean to Moroccan and Vietnamese, or try three family-friendly dishes guaranteed to get kids trying and talking about new foods. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, our travel guides will help you to eat like a local no matter where you are in the world. Snaffle street food such as choripán in Argentina, tuck into tonkatsu in Japan or sample sweet castagnaccio in Tuscany – your stomach will thank you…
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Make time for lunch

We’ve all been there – when midday rolls around and there’s barely enough time to snaffle a packet of crisps, let alone tuck into something nutritious or delicious. So why not make this the year that you pay more attention to your lunches? A Tupperware filled with homemade soup, salad, sandwiches or stew could save you money, and let’s face it, even simple homemade snacks taste far better than soggy supermarket sandwiches. Get inspired with our favourite portable midday meals and find out what the career elite eat for lunch.
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Try meat-free Mondays

With emerging research suggesting that eating too much red meat can be bad for you, and some shoppers becoming more budget conscious after Christmas, the new year is a great time to reduce your weekly intake of meat. Planning to have one meat-free day per week is a great way to start, and we’ve got all the vegetarian and vegan recipes you need, from casseroles and burgers to comfort food classics, and even roast dinner recipes. You don’t have to give up your go-to dishes – our classic recipes minus the meat include shepherd’s pie, lasagne and chilli.

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Which New Year’s resolution will you be making for 2017? We’d love to hear about it – let us know in the comments below!