Cottage cheese is having a moment. The dairy product, made from milk curds, is being hailed by health-conscious social media users as a high-protein hero. Inventive recipes from food influencers are going viral, from cottage cheese cookie dough to hot honey & cottage cheese toasts, and UK retailers are subsequently reporting an increase in sales.


Emma Hartfield, Good Food's health editor, says of the trend: "Cottage cheese is one of the healthier cheeses, thanks mainly to being high-protein yet low-calorie. Its popularity boost may be due to it fitting into high-protein weight-loss regimes, as it's also pretty filling. What's more, it's a good choice for people looking to increase their calcium intake, particularly if you suffer from osteoporosis."

To celebrate this protein-rich ingredient, we've shared 10 recipes which put cottage cheese centre stage. These ideas are perfect for those who may be new to cottage cheese, as well as loyalists looking to add something new to their repertoire.

1. Eggy spelt bread with orange cheese & raspberries

Two plates of french toast topped with raspberries, cottage cheese and honey

Sweet cottage cheese recipes are going viral, and this twist on French toast makes a smart addition to your brunch repertoire. This low-cal recipe sees spelt bread served with a dollop of light, citrus-flecked cottage cheese, followed by fresh raspberries and honey for a sweet finish.

2. Cottage cheese fritters

Six fritters in a line, made of cottage cheese, herbs and spinach

Whip up these tasty fritters for a smart brunch or lunch, combining cottage cheese with spinach and cherry tomatoes. Serve with a fresh salad for a dish ready in 20 minutes.

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3. Open cottage cheese & pepper sandwich

Sandwich topped with cottage cheese & peppers next to a knife

Try topping your wholemeal toast with cottage cheese, basil and balsamic for a healthier slant on bruschetta. It makes a flavour-packed, healthy five-ingredient lunch.

4. Spicy tuna & cottage cheese jacket

A jacket potato with tuna, next to a bowl of cottage cheese

For your next lunch, top your jacket potato with a spicy tuna filling and a side of cottage cheese. This makes a brilliant low-fat energy lunch for one.

5. Chunky vegetable soup

A bowl of vegetable soup topped with two dumplings, next to a small bowl of basil

Cottage cheese is the secret ingredient in these gluten-free dumplings - a healthier option as well as adding in calcium. Try it for yourself for a healthy, meat-free meal.

6. Mini spinach & cottage cheese frittatas

A muffin tray holding spinach & cottage cheese frittatas

Mix cottage cheese with eggs, spinach, herbs and spring onions to make these easy vegetarian frittatas. This recipe makes up to six, and it's a healthy option for lunchboxes.

7. Pierogi

Pierogi piled on a sharing plate with dipping sauce on the side

Take your love of cottage cheese further with this recipe for homemade pierogi Ruskie, or Polish dumplings, with a potato and cottage cheese filling. Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions, if you like.

8. Super-quick Scandi supper

A Scandi-inspired supper, with cottage cheese, salmon, rye beetroot and cucumber

Rustle up this light and fresh lunch in just 20 minutes, featuring textbook Scandinavian ingredients such as salmon, dill, beetroot, cucumber and rye bread.

9. Spuds stuffed with tuna & chives

A jacket potato stuffed with tuna, cottage cheese and chives

Give jacket potatoes a new and healthy twist by loading with a creamy mixture of cottage cheese, tuna, celery and spring onions. To serve, sprinkle a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce over each one and serve with a green salad.

10. Salmon rarebit

Two slices of toast topped with cottage cheese, salmon and spring onions

Boost flagging energy levels with this salmon rarebit - topped with cottage cheese, horseradish and cheese, it makes a high-energy lunch for one.

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