Herbs are easy to grow, take up little space and are essential for anyone passionate about cooking. Try growing your own and you'll never want to use bought herbs again. For more expert advice on growing your own herbs visit GardenersWorld.com


What you'll need...

  • 1 x bronze fennel
  • 1 x lavender 'Hidcote'
  • 1 x golden sage 'Icterina'
  • 5 x dwarf cornflour 'Blue Ball'
  • 5 x love-in-a-mist 'Miss Jekyll'
  • 1x planter
  • compost - multi-purpose, with some extra grit mixed in (buy this from garden centres)
  • Drainage material - broken polystyrene or terracotta, bottle corks or stones from the garden
  • slow-release fertiliser
  • 1 trowel
  • 1 dustpan and brush
  • 1 watering can

Where to find seeds...

Follow these steps...

  • Put a layer of drainage material to cover the holes in the base of the pot.
  • Add compost until it is 5cm/2in below the rim of the pot, firm it gently with your fingers, mix in slow-release fertiliser just below the surface, using the amount recommended on the packet.
  • Plant the fennel in the centre at the back, 'love in a mist' and cornflower in a second row, about 10cm/4in apart, then the sage and lavender at the front.
  • Fill gaps between plants with compost, then water slowly so it soaks through the compost.

Caring for your plants

Touch the surface of the compost, then water only if it feels dry. In warm, sunny weather, this can be as often as every day. Don't over-water. Remove flowers as they fade to encourage the plants to produce more. Harvest herbs as you need them.

If you want to store them, wrap first in damp kitchen roll, then cling film. Store roll in fridge.

Herb oil focaccia cut into slices

How to use your herbs...

Lamb cutlets with pistachio & herb dressing
Couscous with courgette, fried onion & herbs
Salmon baked with herbs & caramelised lemons
Herb oil focaccia
All herb recipes...

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