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If you've ever considered following a weight loss diet make sure you have all the facts first...

What is a detox diet?

Detox diet
If you're inspired by the new year, summer holidays or are just planning a clean start you’ve probably considered a detox. Nutritionist Kerry Torrens discusses the pros and cons of drastic diets...

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What is the 5:2 diet?

What is the 5:2 diet?
The part-time diet that still allows you to eat chocolate cake has hit the headlines and taken off in a big way...

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What is the Paleo diet?

What is the Paleo diet?
A way of eating that truly goes back to basics, Paleolithic diets are all about eating like our ancestors did...

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What is the Dukan diet?

What is the Dukan diet?
Pierre Dukan’s high-protein, low-carb plan attracted an army of celebrity followers when it reached the UK in 2010...

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What is the Atkins diet?

What is the Atkins diet?
Robert Atkins may not have been the first to harness the appeal of carb-free, but he was certainly the first to bring the concept to the mainstream dieting public...

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What is the raw food diet?

What is a raw food diet?
In this plant-based diet that claims to increase the enzymes in the body, refined, canned and chemically-processed foods are out - as well as heating above 48C... 

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What is a low Fodmap Diet?

What is a low FODMAP diet?
Have you ever suffered with bloating or abdominal pain? Did you know certain carbs could be contributing to your discomfort? Dietitian Emer Delaney explains the low FODMAP diet and how it can help.

What is a low Fodmap diet

What is the Sirtfood diet?

What is a low FODMAP diet?
This plan recommends eating a diet rich in 'sirtfoods' - including dark chocolate, red wine and green tea. Dietitian Emer Delaney offers her opinion... 

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What is the Dopamine diet?

What is the dopamine diet?
Famed as the Tom Kerridge diet, the 'happy' weight loss plan is making headlines. But does the dopamine diet work? Our dietitian investigates…

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4th Feb, 2016
To get a more realistic picture of the progress you've made with your weight loss, measure yourself every few days. Because exercise builds muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, the scale isn't a good indicator of how well you're doing. Taking measurements of your arms, thighs, waist, and hips will let you see what you've lost in inches and leave you feeling encouraged.
Cerebrrin's picture
30th Oct, 2015
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ben albert's picture
ben albert
8th Mar, 2015
amazing tips as always A healthy lifestyle makes you fit, energetic, and less prone to diseases. We are here to help you develop healthy habits, and take good care of yourself.
4th Sep, 2014
A great collection of guides to common trending diets. We cater for all of them in our daily food plans, and we do find good results no matter which style people choose, as long as they commit to it. Many of them are as much a lifestyle or ethical choice as anything else, so you can choose the one that suits your life as well as your needs.
7th May, 2014
Hi, I am surprised you have not mentioned Atkinson "South-Beach Diet" which is a balanced alternative of "protein-good fat-good carbs" diet to Dukan and Atkins diets: It is a lifestyle, rather than diet though...
27th May, 2014
I have recently joined Motivation and while I am dropping weight, I find the choice of food very restrictive. The recipes provided are boring. Can anyone suggest flavoursome meals and in particular, lunches, that are in keeping with "The Motivation Way" Thank you in anticipation!!
Kerry Torrens's picture
Kerry Torrens
4th Jun, 2014
Hi there, thanks for your question. First of all you need to decide what you are missing from your current diet. Is it flavour, texture or are the foods not satisfying enough? Adding spices like chilli, ginger and cinnamon to dishes can add to their appeal – adding flavour like this helps when you are cutting back on fat and sugar and the extra taste sensation triggers your brain to register the food that you are eating. For lunch, cut back on the starchy foods like bread and have fresh, crunchy salads instead - include some lean protein like chicken or fish with lots of flavours from spices and vegetables. Try this quick chicken salad for lunch:
3rd Jul, 2014
thanks kerry, i find bbc gf great for recipes for my diet.
11th Mar, 2015
A good foundation to any weight loss and diet plan is the Team PJW 5-Minute Pajama workout. I've been doing this for over two years and have lost over 25 pounds and have kept it off. This program is sustainable for life. Take 5 minutes for your health each day with this program and you will see amazing results.