Curry is the ultimate comfort food and with recipes from around the world, there's one to suit every palate. You don't need to spend ages combining, grinding and toasting spices, these days a spice paste can provide the depth of flavour you need. So relax, we've got dinner sorted with our easy curry recipes to feed a hungry crowd...


For students, we've got you covered with our basic student recipes, student kitchen essentials and easy student dinner party recipes. Looking for vegetarian meals? Take a look at our easy vegetarian student recipes and best vegan student recipes.

1) Easy chicken curry


The clue is in the name with this one: try this easy staple chicken curry for a fantastic recipe for family dinners or student curry night. It's made with just a handful of ingredients and is enriched with creamy yogurt. Try this easy chicken curry.

2) Satay sweet potato curry

Vegetarian sweet potato curry in bowl with rice

This vibrant veggie curry offers exotic flavours but is easy to cook. With plenty of spinach and sweet potato, it boasts two of your five-a-day and it’s under 400 calories, perfect for added nutrition without compromising on taste. Try this satay sweet potato curry.

3) Chinese chicken curry

Two bowls of Chinese chicken curry with chopsticks

You can cook this easy, healthy curry with just 15 minutes preparation, ideal for when you're short on time. Serve this replica of your favourite takeaway dish with fluffy rice for a wholesome family or student meal. Try this Chinese chicken curry.

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4) Vegetarian Thai green curry

Vegetable Thai curry with rice

Fancy a curry but haven't got too much time on your hands? This easy veggie version of a classic Thai curry is ready in under an hour and contains 3 of your 5-a-day. Try our vegetarian green Thai curry here.

5) Easy Thai prawn curry

Easy Thai prawn curry

When you've got a busy weeknight, have a go at making our easy Thai prawn curry. This quick dinner is ready in under 20 minutes and flavoured with warming red Thai curry paste, which helps cuts down the time. Try this prawn curry here.

6) Chicken & sweet potato curry

Chicken & sweet potato curry

This a killer korma is mild enough for the kids to enjoy. It's a low-calorie dinner you can make with fresh veggies, chicken thighs and storecupboard spices. Who can resist a korma? Try our chicken & sweet potato curry.

7) Curried cod

Curried cod

This simple one-pot cuts down on washing up and pumps up the flavour with fresh ginger and coriander. It's low fat and packed full of iron too - perfect for any family trying to amp up the nutrition. Try this curried cod recipe.

8) Tomato & chickpea curry

Tomato & chickpea curry

This super-easy veggie curry is a midweek lifesaver, using up those cans in your cupboard in the tastiest way possible. It's made in three simple steps and counts as three of your five-a-day, making a curry that's seriously good in every sense.Try our tomato & chickpea curry.

9) Fish mappas

Fish mappas

This coconutty white fish curry, popular in Kerala, is stewed and spiced to perfection. A basic tikka curry paste can take everyday ingredients from zero to hero in 20 minutes.Give this fish mappas curry a go.

10) Satay cauliflower & chickpea curry with storecupboard flatbreads

Satay cauliflower & chickpea curry

An easy veggie one-pan that's creamy, rich and satisfying - everything you want from a curry. There's even a foodie bonus in the form of fluffy flatbreads puffed up to perfection and made from a super simple dough.Try a cauliflower & chickpea curry.

11) Indian butternut squash curry

Indian butternut squash curry

Never have veggies been so vibrant: this is your way to five-a-day in curry form. Using curry paste and a good vegetable stock makes for a fragrant vegetarian feast. Serve it with a dollop of cooling yogurt, basmati rice and chapatis.Whip up a butternut squash curry.

12) Cauliflower paneer & pea curry

Cauliflower, paneer & pea curry

Ready in under an hour and featuring our favourite Indian cheese, paneer, this budget curry is always a winner. The crisped up paneer, cooked cauliflower and spices are simmered in a pan until tender, taking the work out of preparing a meal. Treat yourself to cauliflower, paneer & pea curry.

13) Thai pork & peanut curry

Thai pork & peanut curry

This aromatic Thai curry is one for spice lovers. Red curry paste forms the base, with coconut milk, soy sauce and veggies. A spoonful of peanut butter and a sprinkling of brown sugar top it off for a subtle nutty sweetness. Try Thai pork & peanut curry.

14) One-pot mushroom & potato curry

One-pot mushroom & potato curry

A warming, chunky mushroom curry that's simple to make and vegan-friendly - button mushrooms, potatoes, coconut milk and curry paste are all that stands between you and a fabulous, filling supper.Try this veggie mushroom & potato one-pot.

15) Chicken biryani

Chicken biryani

This spicy chicken one-pot goes a long way and makes good use of basic ingredients. It's easily halved if you want to cut down your portions or enjoy the leftovers the next day.

Cook up a chicken biryani.

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What's your favourite from our quick curry list? Let us know in the comments below...

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