A simple smoothie can be a colourful and nourishing start to the day, or a chilled afternoon pick-me-up. By using fabulous frozen fruit and veg and everyday ingredients like natural yogurt, fruit juice and oats, you can whip up a budget-friendly glassful of goodness. Frozen fruit and veg retains its nutritional value and flavour and you won't need to add ice to your drink. Get even more ideas for nutritious drinks with our top smoothie recipes collection and healthier smoothie recipes.


Check out our guide on how to make the perfect smoothie for advice on the best smoothie makers and blenders, nutritious ingredients to supercharge your drink and how to get the right ratios every time.

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Cheap smoothie ideas

1. Breakfast smoothie

Berry smoothie in glass

Whether you have a glut from berry season or a bag going spare in the freezer, our quick breakfast smoothie is the ideal fruity morning treat. For a tropical twist, try using melon or a slightly overripe mango instead of the banana, or add a pot of low-fat natural yogurt for an extra-creamy texture. Mix up the ratio of berries for easy flavour variations.

2. Peanut butter smoothie

Two glasses of peanut butter smoothie

Make a tub of peanut butter stretch further in this simple yet satisfying smoothie, with rolled oats, banana and spices. We've used oat milk but you can sub in with any alternative of choice. Freeze the banana before blitzing for an extra thick texture.

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3. Two-minute breakfast smoothie

Pancakes and smoothies on table

Use whatever soft fruit you have available to whizz up this adaptable two-minute breakfast smoothie. This low-fat recipe does what it says on the tin, in two minutes you'll have a satisfying drink to sip on. Pair it with these three-minute blender pancakes for a speedy breakfast spread.

4. Super berry smoothie

Smoothies in glasses with fruit

This filling super berry smoothie uses creamy strawberry yogurt and oats to create a thicker, more indulgent texture. Serve with a drizzle of honey for a little extra sweetness to balance out the sharp berries.

5. Raspberry and apple smoothie

Raspberry smoothies in glasses

Up your fruit intake with this five-minute raspberry and apple smoothie. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this blitzed up beauty, and you probably have all the ingredients ready to go. The yogurt and oats will thicken the mixture and the addition of frozen raspberries will instantly chill your delicious drink.

6. Carrot & orange smoothie

Two glasses of carrot and orange smoothie with ginger

Boost your vitamin C levels with this vibrant carrot & orange smoothie. We've combined these budget-friendly ingredients with zingy ginger and oats for thickness. If you have any leftover, try freezing it in lolly moulds for a quick dessert.

7. Watermelon smoothie

Two glasses of watermelon smoothie

This refreshing watermelon smoothie is perfect on a warm summer's day and uses just three ingredients. Combine ripe, fleshy chopped watermelon with a banana and cold apple juice and enjoy sipping in the sun – cocktail umbrellas optional!

8. Cherry smoothie

Two glasses of cherry smoothie

Use a bag of frozen cherries for an easy and affordable way to pack some vitamin C into your smoothie. This tangy cherry smoothie is thickened with natural yogurt and banana – serve it for a family-friendly brunch treat.

9. Cranberry & raspberry smoothie

Cranberry smoothie in glass

Our pretty pink cranberry & raspberry smoothie is packed full of vitamin C and makes a refreshing way to kick off your morning. Put a bag of frozen raspberries to good use and get your daily dose of fruity goodness. Garnish with a sprig of mint for an extra burst of freshness.

10. Smoothie cubes

Frozen smoothie cubes on tray

Get ahead of the game and don't let anything go to waste with our genius smoothie cubes. Make these when you have fruit and veg available, freeze, then whizz up with a banana, plain yogurt, milk and a little honey for an instant delicious drink. These thrifty blocks are filled with concentrated flavour and works with any leftover fruit you want to save.

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