Give your diet a veg-packed boost with a green smoothie you can make in minutes. No matter your flavour preferences, we've got something to tickle the tastebuds and do you good.


First, invest in the right kitchen kit with our review of the best smoothie makers and best blenders. We've put the top brands through their paces to find our ultimate smoothie solution.

Need even more fruity inspiration? Try more of our favourite smoothie recipes from thrifty berry-based blends to a rich mango lassi.

1. Easy green smoothie

Green smoothie in glass

Try this sweet green smoothie that packs in plenty of nutritious ingredients, including maca powder, ground flaxseed and a scoop of smooth almond butter. The cinnamon adds a slightly sweet, spiced note. If you're prepping in advance, a squeeze of lemon juice will stop your smoothie oxidising and turning brown overnight.

2. Strawberry green goddess smoothie

Smoothie in glass bottle with strawberry

Wholesome spinach and tangy berries pair perfectly in our strawberry green goddess smoothie. Give yourself a dose of calcium, vitamin C, folate and fibre to start the day. Simply blitz everything until smooth; the avocado will give your drink a deliciously creamy texture and the yogurt will thicken the mixture. If it's too thick, try adding a little water until you reach the desired consistency.

3. Kale smoothie

Green smoothie in glasses with straws and avocado

Want a simple vegan option? Try our five-minute kale smoothie, with zesty lime juice and a hit of tropical pineapple. A chunk of ginger brings some warmth, too. Use bags of frozen fruit and veg to keep this a budget drink option that you can make again and again. This velvety smoothie is an irresistibly tasty way to bump up your five-a-day.

4. Kale & avocado smoothie

Green smoothie in glass

Freshen up your greens with a handful of pineapple and a dash of coconut water. Our kale & avocado smoothie gets its vibrant verdant colour from a generous helping of spinach, kale and cucumber. This easy recipe is a great option if you're looking for a dairy-free smoothie. The cucumber makes a great neutral base for adding other flavours, too.

5. Green goddess smoothie bowl

Green smoothie in bowl with fruits and nuts

Mix up your standard smoothie offering and try our green goddess smoothie bowl. This colourful recipe uses avocado, spinach, rich nut butter and a squeeze of honey. The cinnamon-laced seed mix adds texture to this super-smooth breakfast dish. If you're looking for an alternative treat to switch up your brunch menu, look no further. Check out even more smoothie bowl recipes in every colour of the rainbow.

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