Our review section is full of buyer’s advice for everyday kitchen kit, but before decking your cupboards out to the nines, it’s worth considering your dietary habits. Those eating healthily are likely to want to pack their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, minimal fat and balanced meals, and there are some pieces of kit to help with this. Read on to discover what you should be investing in – and which products are the best out there.


A spiralizer or julienne peeler


Faddish? Maybe, but there’s no denying the foothold spiralizers have made in the food world. The good news is the range of products available has increased in tandem with their popularity, and hand-held spiralizers are an excellent option for those with small kitchens.

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A blender...


If you don’t have the time, space or inclination to invest in fancy electronic kit, we urge you to reconsider one buy – the stand blender. It’s the quickest, easiest way to pulverise fruit and veg into smoothies and soups, so it’s great for dyed in the wool five-a-day devotees.

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... Or hand blender

Hand blender

See above. A hand blender has more limitations than its bigger sibling, but it obviously wins on the storage front, and they can be incredibly cheap. They’re ideal for soup making, and once you’ve honed your technique, the silky finish will follow…

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Kitchen scales


Portion control is the cornerstone of many a healthy eating routine, and there’s no better way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of food than with an ultra-reliable set of digital scales that can weigh to the gram.

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A juicer and/or smoothie maker


Blenders can certainly turn out a decent smoothie, but for home-pressed juice you need to go bespoke. Thankfully, the juicer market is only getting bigger. From blitz-and-go ‘bullet’ blenders to professional standard juicing behemoths, if you’re serious about liquidising, take heed (while always remembering juice shouldn’t be used as a substitute for more fibrous whole fruit and veg).

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Dehydrators stray into the realm of investment, trophy kit. If you have the space to store one, it can be used for air-drying fruit, veg and meat without losing any of the nutritional benefits, and they can be left to work their magic over a number of days (yes, days).

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Are you a health fan with a piece of kit you couldn’t survive without? We’d like to hear your product picks…

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