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Best non-stick frying pans

Best non-stick frying pans

We bring you the top five frying pans, tried and tested by the BBC Good Food team.
Best microwaves

Best microwaves

We've selected our favourite microwaves, from traditional models to convection grills.
On test: the best toasters

On test: the best toasters

Those prone to rushed mornings will know the virtues of a convenient electric toaster all too well.
Rosé wine, taste tested

Rosé wine, taste tested

When the sun is shining, there really is nothing better than a chilled glass of delicious rosé.
Wedding gift guide

Wedding gift guide

Stuck on what to buy the happy couple? Browse our selection of quirky cookware, edibles and kit.

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When buying a new blade, you should be able to feel weight in the knife but it shouldn’t be heavy. Blade-to-handle balance is important for good control and for the true feeling that the knife is an extension of the hand.

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