• Compact, attractive, integrated cord storage, intuitive, express serve attachment saves time and effort, good value


  • No handle on the bowl

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor summary

Small but mighty, this compact edition of Kenwood's MultiPro food processor is a reliable meal prep companion. Its modest footprint makes it a great piece of kit for single households or couples, particularly if you have limited countertop space or lower cupboards.


It's also relatively versatile despite its simple design, though without some of the functionality you might find with larger models. Alongside its standard blade attachment is a double-sided grating and slicing disc, which is ideal for prepping veggies or cheese.

The express serve attachment, which allows you to process ingredients straight into a container, is also a handy feature designed to speed up the cooking process as there's no need to transfer ingredients.

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor first impressions

The MultiPro Go has a sleek, neutral look that means it should easily integrate into most kitchen colour schemes. It stacks together neatly so you can keep all the attachments together, and the wrap-around cord storage is another justification for keeping this gadget on the counter.

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor express serve attachment

There are four attachments in total, which include a chopping knife blade, a 1.3-litre bowl, a reversible 4mm grating and slicing disc, and the 360-degree express serve, which uses a spinning disc to fling and funnel the chopped ingredients into a separate bowl via a wide chute.

It has a decent weight to it, but can easily be picked up and carried around. The lid is a little stiff to unlock to begin with, but does get easier the more we use it.

How easy is the Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor to use?

Once we had unboxed the MultiPro Go, there was very little set-up involved. There are clear diagrams in the manual and a QR code on the side of the box, which links to a quick start-up guide – though everything slotted together so intuitively that we didn't find ourselves relying on them much.

Inside the manual, you can also find a large table with ingredient types, the maximum weight in grams for each, and the number of seconds it takes to process them.

We had to use two hands to lock and unlock the food processor bowl and lid, and as there's no handle to hold onto, we had to grip the bowl quite tightly to begin with. Assembly is also likely easier for right-handed users as the mechanism turns anti-clockwise.

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor

The regular bowl is 1.3 litres, which is good for blitzing small to medium-sized portions, but large amounts would have to be done in batches. The express serve bowl is the same size, but the advantage of it is you can chop, slice and dice as much as you'd like, as it will all fall into a separate container.

There's just one speed, plus a pulse function for shorter bursts of power. It has also four silicone feet on the underside, so it sat solidly on the counter during testing. It's safety credentials are decent, too – there is a clear safety notice on the side of the bowl, and the lid stays locked when the blades are rotating.

Taking the food processor apart for cleaning was also fuss-free: the bowl and attachments can all go in the dishwasher, otherwise handwashing is easy to do. There are some tighter nooks around the express serve attachment that we found difficult to reach with a tea towel, so we left these to air dry for a while after washing.


During testing all our ingredients processed quickly and efficiently. When making classic pesto, a couple of stray basil leaves went unprocessed after the first run, but these were blitzed when we rejigged the mixture. Afterwards, we found the pesto had a thick, almost smooth texture with a good balance of chunkiness.

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor pesto

The MultiPro Go made light work of dicing onions, blitzing breadcrumbs and crushing nuts, and both basic pizza dough and Thai green curry paste were straightforward and speedy to make.

The slice function was effective and our potatoes were mostly uniform. Achieving consistency when shredding carrots and grating cheese took a few goes, but once we were in the rhythm of it the results were good. We also used the express serve attachment for these and it worked well – though found some of the ingredients flew out onto the worktop, which suggests you need a large bowl to catch them as they come out.

How sustainable is the Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor?

The MultiPro Go came in mostly cardboard packaging, but there was some plastic wrapping around the bowl and attachments that couldn't be recycled.

There's a one-year guarantee, and spare parts can also be bought directly from Kenwood – so you shouldn't have to replace your entire machine if any elements of it are lost or damaged. Kenwood doesn't currently offer a purchase or part exchange scheme for old products.


Despite its compact size, the MultiPro Go is surprisingly powerful and handles the basics brilliantly, without taking up much space. We love how it looks on the worktop and how easily it stacks together, and the express serve attachment is a thoughtful addition even though using it takes some practice.

Those hoping for more versatility from their food processor should look at the larger gadgets within the MultiPro range, which also come with a handle on the bowl – something this smaller model doesn't have. However, if you're in the market for a small, speedy appliance that nails simple tasks, the MultiPro Go wins our vote.

Kenwood MultiPro Go food processor specifications

Dimensions: 23.9cm (express serve width) / 15.8cm (base width) x 29.7cm (height)
Weight: 1.94kg
Bowl size: 1.3L
Wattage: 650W
Materials: plastic (bowl), stainless steel (knife)
Dishwasher-safe components: yes, bowl, lid and attachments only

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