Pigs in blankets are a staple of the Christmas season. A meaty accompaniment to a traditional roast dinner, this popular sausage dish consists of cocktail-sized chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon.


It's generally believed that pigs in blankets were popularised in the 1990s, when Delia Smith included a recipe in her Christmas cookbook. These salty morsels are generally considered a Christmas item, owing to its moreish and indulgent qualities, and are widely accepted as one of the UK's favourite festive trimmings.

If you're after a classic version, you can find our recipe for pigs in blankets.

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1. Vegan pigs in blankets

Vegan pigs in blankets with cranberry sauce

Pigs in blankets are a classic side dish treat that no one should miss. That's why we've come up with these vegan puff-pastry versions. They're easy to make: wrap vegan sausages in dairy-free puff pastry, brush in a glaze and leave to bake for 25-30 minutes.

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2. Air-fryer pigs in blankets

Air-fryer pigs in blankets on a navy plate

Did you know you can make pigs in blankets in an air-fryer? All you need to do is wrap bacon around each chipolata, arrange in a single layer in the basket and cook for 10-20 minutes. Add flavourings such as sage leaves, if you like.

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3. Veggie pigs in blankets

Veggie pigs in blankets on a gold platter

Everyone at the table can enjoy pigs in blankets thanks to this modern veggie makeover. Vegetarian sausages are wrapped in parsnip stripes then brushed with a white miso and honey glaze.

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4. Pigs in puff pastry blankets

Pigs in puff pastry blankets on a white serving tray

We've swapped bacon for buttery pastry in this revamped version of pigs in blankets. They make a great Christmas side dish alternative, as well as a fun canapé to serve at Christmas parties.

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5. Jumbo pigs in blankets

A plate with six jumbo pigs in blankets

Ramp up the indulgence with these super-sized pigs in blankets. Brushed with maple syrup at the end, it makes for an extra-special Christmas side dish.

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6. Pigs in blankets with a twist

Check out these three decadent pigs in blankets twists, featuring honey and sage, black pudding and date, or squash and chestnut, all wrapped in bacon.

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7. Pigs-in-blankets Christmas stuffing balls

Pigs-in-blankets Christmas stuffing balls served on a plate

Thought pigs in blankets couldn’t get any better? Think again. We've transformed everyone’s favourite Christmas trimming into these glorious stuffing balls; the sausagemeat and bacon add the ‘pigs in blankets’ flavour, while cranberries make them taste extra-festive.

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8. Christmas pigs in blankets casserole

Christmas pigs in blankets casserole in a roasting tin

Mix pigs in blankets with carrots and parsnips to make this vibrant Christmassy casserole. You could make it after Christmas day as a smart way to avoid festive food waste.

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9. Halloumi pigs in blankets

Halloumi pigs in blankets served on a platter

Treat the family to these salty morsels on Christmas Day. This meat-free twist sees golden halloumi chunks wrapped in thin strips of charred courgette, making a top-drawer alternative for veggies and meat-eaters alike.

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10. Pigs-in-blankets toad in the hole

Pot of toad-in-the-hole with sausages wrapped in bacon

Cheer up your chipolatas! In this hearty take on a classic, batter is poured around pigs in blankets and baked in the oven until deep golden brown. Serve with plenty of gravy and your favourite green veg.

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