Is there anything more festive than a mince pie? First appearing in the Middle Ages, the classic Christmas bake actually used to be savoury – hence the 'mincemeat'. The original mince pie consisted of minced meat, dried fruit and a preserving liquid – and wasn't even round. It wasn't until the late Tudor period that entirely sweet fillings were favoured over savoury.


There are still many traditions wrapped up in mince pies, such as stirring the mincemeat clockwise for good luck and making a wish when eating the first mince pie of the season. First try our classic mince pie recipe, then get stuck into these creative variations, such as iced mince pies, florentine mince pies and even lemon meringue mince pies. Can't get enough? Check out more of our mince pies recipes.

1. Frangipane mince pies

Frangipane mince pies in a baking tin dusted with icing sugar

This mince pie recipe forgoes the classic pastry case lid for a frangipane and flaked almond topping. Enjoy warm out of the oven with a steaming hot drink and cosy up by the fire. If you're an almond lover, we've got plenty of frangipane recipes.

2. Hazelnut crunch mince pies

Hazelnut crunch mince pies in a gold box

Grated apple and orange zest add festive flavours to the mincemeat filling, while the pastry lids are finished with chopped hazelnuts for a moreish crunch. Find more hazelnut recipes here.

3. Vegan mince pies

A stack of vegan mince pies on a marble serving plate

This vegan mince pie recipe switches things up in more ways than one – the traditional mincemeat filling is replaced with a spiced black cherry, hazelnut and apple mixture and butter is swapped out for coconut oil to make a pastry case that's just as flaky thanks to a secret ingredient, ice-cold vodka. Impress your plant-based friends with our vegan Christmas baking.

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4. Custard & crumble mince pies

Custard and crumble mince pies on a grey background

Bringing together the best of two classic desserts – mince pies and crumbles – you won't believe that these custard & crumble mince pies can be whipped up in a flash. Shop-bought custard saves the day and adds a creamy counterbalance to the mincemeat. For even more crumbly goodness, try our top 10 crumble recipes.

5. Gingerbread mince pies

Christmas paper wrapped box with gingerbread mince pies

Gingerbread and mince pies combine to create the perfect Christmas match. If you want to scale up your batch, they can be kept frozen for up to three months for a gift that keeps giving. For gingerbread lovers, we've got plenty more gingerbread recipes to keep you satisfied all winter.

6. Lemon meringue mince pies

lemon meringue mince pies with one cut open

A stunning twist on the classic mince pie, these are topped with torched lemon meringue. Once made, they will keep for a day in an airtight container – although we predict they won't be sticking around for long. For another celebratory showstopper, why not try our almond & lemon meringue roulade.

7. Cinnamon swirl mince pies

cinnamon swirl mince pies in a baking tray

These cinnamon swirl mince pies are a fun mash-up that make the perfect breakfast or mid-morning treat come Christmas time, best enjoyed with a warming mug of tea, coffee or festive hot drink. Try our 10 twists on cinnamon buns.

8. Mince pie baklava

Pieces of mince pie baklava on a bright blue background

A truly creative take on the mince pie, this mince pie baklava can be served in small bites with your morning coffee, or warm with ice-cream for a festive dessert. Making the most of shop-bought filo pastry, they're easy to make but sure to impress. If you've got a taste for baklava, discover more of our baklava recipes.

9. Iced mince pies

Christmas decorated iced mince pies

For a fun way to get kids involved with the Christmas baking, these iced mince pies are topped with royal icing to create a blank canvas for them to get creative. The finished result can be packaged up to make a thoughtful gift for friends and family this festive season. Find more Christmas baking projects for kids here and homemade gift ideas.

10. Easy florentine mince pies

Florentine mince pies drizzled with chocolate on a round red serving plate

Florentines are almost as Christmassy as mince pies themselves, and this recipe brings together the best of both worlds. Another plus, they're made using shop-bought shortcrust pastry so they can be prepared in 20 minutes and then baked just as quickly. For another twist on the classic florentine, try our white chocolate & ginger florentines.

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