The versatile marrow could well deserve the title ‘king of the allotment’. Its mild flavour and soft, creamy flesh lends itself to chutneys and curries, as well as being delicious stuffed and baked.


These handsomely sized vegetables are classed as 'cucurbits', which mean they come from the same family as cucumbers, courgettes, squash and melons. In fact, the marrow is actually a courgette that has been left on the plant to grow a little longer and comes into its own around August and September.

Whether you've purchased or grown a few of these green giants, we've got plenty of ideas for how to cook them, below. Also check out our collection of marrow recipes and courgette recipes for more seasonal ideas.

1. Stuffed marrow

Marrow halves stuffed with cheese bread crumbs and vegetables

Our spicy Spanish stuffed marrow is an easy way to pack your veg with flavour – smoked paprika and chorizo add depth and texture. Marrow's mildness pairs well with stronger flavours such as garlic and spices. We recommend finishing off this simple autumnal main with manchego and breadcrumbs for extra crunch.

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2. Marrow jam

Marrow and ginger jam in a pot and on toast, next to a marrow

The traditional way to use up extra veg from your growing bonanza is to make them into delicious jams, chutneys and preserves. Our marrow & ginger jam also works well with courgettes and only has four ingredients. This zesty conserve will mature and intensify in flavour over the months. So store it away in a dark, cool place, wait and enjoy!

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3. Marrow cake

Triangular slices of cake topped with marrow frosting

We love vegetable-based cakes. We get to use up a glut, feel like a virtuous cook and enjoy a slice of cake with our cuppa. This nutty marrow & pecan cake with maple icing is topped with smooth soft cheese frosting and will blow your standard carrot cake out of the water. The grated marrow keeps the cake moist and squidgy and the pecans add a final crunchy flourish.

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4. Marrow salad

Maple-roasted marrow on cavolo nero salad, on an oval dish

Just a drizzle of maple syrup dressing, a scattering of hazelnuts and cavolo nero makes an impressive, healthy salad. The tender, roasted marrow and crunchy radishes are sure to please your family's palate and make a nice addition to any veggie feast. A sprinkling of parmesan adds the perfect savoury touch to complement the sweetness of the maple syrup. Try our maple-roasted marrow on cavolo nero salad.

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5. Baked marrow

Baked marrow chunks filled with tomato and meat filling, topped with cheese

Pep up your mild-mannered marrow with a punchy sauce and spices. Our baked marrow amatriciana is an easy family meal you can make with minimal effort, plus it's gluten-free to boot. This version with bacon, chilli and thyme is a midweek meal saviour.

6. Marrow curry

Marrow and vegetable curry in a cooking pot

There's nothing nicer than a homemade vegetable curry – warming, filling and healthier than a takeaway. If you're looking for a side to accompany a rich chicken or lamb curry, this smashed curried marrow is full of fresh coriander, garlic and lemon juice. It's vegan, too, if meat isn't on the menu.

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7. Marrow chutney

Marrow chutney in two glass jars with spoons

Make a big batch of marrow chutney to see you through the winter. This fruity preserve includes a punchy combination of ginger, apples, sultanas and shallots. As well as making a great gift, our marrow chutney is the perfect accompaniment to cold meats, sandwiches and cheeses.

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8. Slow-cooked marrow

Pan of slow-cooked marrow and vegetables with goat's cheese on sourdough

This vegetarian stew is similar to a caponata and makes a comforting family dinner. Marrow is slow-cooked along with veggies such as fennel and tomato, allowing them to absorb all the delicious flavours in the pan. Mop up the juices with crusty sourdough or serve alongside grilled meat.

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9. Healthy stuffed marrow bake

Stuffed marrows in a baking dish with spoon

Want something healthy but hearty? Our simple stuffed marrow traybake uses lighter turkey mince along with storecupboard essentials such as chopped tomatoes and dried mixed herbs. It's budget-friendly and low in calories but delivers on taste, making it a perfect family midweek meal.

10. Marrow lasagne

This recipe says to use grated courgette, but you can easily sub in marrow. Layer with lasagne sheets and plenty of other fresh seasonal veg from your allotment for a comforting veggie pasta bake.

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