Top 10 things to do with raspberries

How will you be using up your berry bounty this year? If you can resist scooping them straight from punnet to mouth as you walk through the door we have a few suggestions...

In June and July, British raspberries are busy swelling to their full splendour as popular, homegrown varieties burst into season and become far more affordable than their imported counterparts.


Whether you cultivate your own glut or take advantage of supermarket sales how will you be using up your berry bounty this year? If you can resist scooping them straight from punnet to mouth as you walk through the door we have a few suggestions.

If we’ve whet your appetite for more brilliant raspberry recipes, check out our ultimate collection.

1. Raspberry bakes

An obvious starting point maybe, but biting into squidgy brownies with partially warmed, sweet raspberries at the centre deserves top spot in our opinion. Add amaretti biscuits to your raspberry bake for a grown-up crunch or try combining with white chocolate, to create a complimentary and indulgent flavour sensation.

Raspberry & amaretti crunch cake
Raspberry & white chocolate traybake
Best-ever chocolate raspberry brownies

2. Enjoy a healthy breakfast

Rich in vitamin C and high in anti-oxidants, raspberries are not only a tasty way to start the day but a healthy one too. Sprinkle over cereals, add sweetness to porridge or treat yourself to one of our breakfast smoothies.

Breakfast smoothie
Raspberry ripple chia pudding
Honey muesli with raspberries & hazelnuts

3. Create quick and easy puds

Dying to put your berries to good use but running short on time? Whipping up a delectable dessert for friends (or yourself!) can take just moments. Pop together fruity chocolate pots, kept light with Greek yogurt and honey or gather up some brandy snap baskets and have an impressive looking pud ready to go in just five minutes.

Lemon & raspberry baskets
Chocolate & raspberry pots
Summer pudding trifles

4. Make jam

Nothing says domestic god or goddess quite like making your own jam. It might sound like a bit of a faff but actually our recipes below use just three ingredients each and even talk you through sterilising jars. You can also avoid the pricey purchase of a jam thermometer with the help of a saucer and a freezer. Want head chef status? Make your own bread to serve alongside.

Homemade raspberry jam
Angela’s ‘flexible’ jam recipe

5. Try our top rated

Our five-star favourite is baked raspberry cheesecake – ready in just two steps and much easier than it looks to make. Believe me, I’ve tried… and suceeded!

Baked raspberry & lemon cheesecake

6. Fancy a challenge?

If you’re spending a bit of time in the kitchen at the weekend and want to make something glorious try our more challenging raspberry recipes. Wow guests with a six-layered spice cake or update the childhood favourite marble cake into a beautiful zebra cake.

Raspberry spice cake 
Chocolate & raspberry zebra cake
Raspberry chocolate torte

7. Take from the freezer

At some point this year the weather will realise it’s summer and those with a ready supply of raspberries and some freezer space will be ready. Creamy and classic, raspberry ripple ice cream doesn’t require a costly machine to make while creamy terrine is crying out to be part of some al fresco fun.

Raspberry ripple terrine
Raspberry ripple ice cream
Limoncello & raspberry semi-freddo

8. Drink them down

Enjoy your raspberries in liquid form this year. Transform homemade lemonade into a vivid pink vision with your extra punnets or blend together with peaches and custard for a low-fat, creamy shake.

Peach melba smoothie
Cranberry & raspberry smoothie
Pink lemonade

9. Impress with a show-off centrepiece

With their good looks and sweet nature, raspberries make a natural centrepiece for all kinds of soirees. Try our three favourites from cute cupcakes, complete with coconut and pink icing, to traditional and rustic raspberry bakewell cake.

Hazelnut & baileys meringue cake
Raspberry Bakewell cake
Coconut & raspberry cupcakes

10. The finishing touch

If presentation is key, beautifying simple bakes is easy with a scattering of raspberries. Make basic cupcakes and dot with icing and raspberries to sweeten healthily, cover tarts from edge to middle in colourful berries or simply use to brighten plates and encourage little ones to enjoy some fruity goodness alongside sweet treats.

Warm raspberry cupcakes with orange sugar drizzle 
Raspberry lemon & frangipane tart 
Luscious lemon baked cheesecake


How will you be using your raspberries this year? For more recipe inspiration take a look at our raspberry collection.