Porridge is the king of healthy, filling breakfasts and with a few clever tricks and tasty ingredients, it can be exciting and flavourful too. We show you how to make porridge that is wholesome and moreish.


Porridge with quick berry compote, figs & pistachios


You only need six ingredients to make this beautiful breakfast bowl. Frozen berries add a pop of colour and plenty of flavour, while toasted pistachios add a luxurious finishing touch. As an added bonus, it takes only 10 minutes to make!

Try our porridge with quick berry compote, figs & pistachios.

Cinnamon porridge with banana & berries


A sprinkle of spice adds a lot of flavour to oats, and cinnamon, in particular, adds certain health benefits to your bowl. We’ve added bananas, strawberries and a dollop of yogurt to increase the goodness in this classic breakfast.

Try our cinnamon porridge with banana & berries recipe and read more about the health benefits of bananas, strawberries and cinnamon.

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Fruity chia porridge


If you like overnight oats, you’ll love this fruity, no-cook breakfast bowl. Packed with nutritious ingredients including chia seeds, blueberries, kiwi and pomegranate, it’s also made with almond milk, so it’s suitable for vegan diets.

Try our summer porridge recipe and read more about the health benefits of chia seeds and pomegranate.

Cardamom & peach quinoa porridge


Give your porridge a protein boost by mixing in some quinoa with your oats. We’ve used almond milk for a creamy finish that’s still suitable for dairy-free and vegan diets.

Try our cardamom & peach quinoa porridge recipe and read more about the health benefits of quinoa.

Apple & linseed porridge


Grated apples add a natural sweetness to porridge oats, complemented by a generous pinch of ground cinnamon. Omega-3-rich linseeds contribute good fats and the live yogurt adds both calcium and probiotic properties. The result? A comforting bowl of goodness that is full of fibre and great for digestive health.

Try our apple & linseed porridge and read more about the health benefits of apples.

Porridge with blueberry compote

Porridge with blueberry compote

You’re just four ingredients and 10 minutes away from this low-calorie breakfast. Frozen blueberries keep the cost down in this cheap and healthy dish, while low-fat Greek yogurt adds a dose of protein and calcium as well as a delicious creamy texture.

Try our porridge with blueberry compote recipe and read more about the health benefits of blueberries.

Pink barley porridge with vanilla yogurt


Pearl barley adds a satisfying texture to porridge and releases energy slowly throughout the day, helping you to stay full for longer. Ripe plums add a pretty pink hue to this recipe with extra flavour coming from vanilla extract and there's a bit of crunch, too, from a garnish of sunflower seeds.

Try our pink barley porridge with vanilla yogurt recipe.

Oatmeal, spelt and barley porridge


Switch up your morning meal with this super simple blend of three different grains. This recipe makes 18 servings of the uncooked porridge mixture, ready to be stashed away for up to six months. We’ve topped ours with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of agave syrup, but it’s really a blank canvas, so you can experiment with your favourite flavours.

Try our three-grain porridge recipe.

Clementine & vanilla porridge with citrus salsa


Rise and shine! Brighten up your morning with these healthy oat bowls. The fresh citrus fruit topping provides vitamin C, and this breakfast is a source of calcium and folate, too.

Try our clementine & vanilla porridge with citrus salsa.

Poppy seed buckwheat porridge


Take a break from oats and try this twist on traditional porridge instead. Buckwheat is a versatile, gluten-free, grain-like seed with a lovely, nutty flavour. We've paired it with blueberries, orange, cinnamon and poppy seeds for extra flavour.

Try our poppy seed buckwheat porridge.

Banana & tahini porridge

banana tahini porridge

Both oats and tahini are great for digestion, so they're a good way to start your day in a healthy way. They also work wonderfully with sliced bananas, sesame seeds and spicy cardamom.

Try our banana & tahini porridge.

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