Make sure your kids are stocked up on healthy nibbles to fuel them through a full day at school with our tasty bites, snacks and wraps that'll help them to stay alert and focused. These satisfying munchies are easy to make, lunchbox-friendly and use classic flavour combinations that kids will love.


Our recipes are packable, snackable and full of nutritious ingredients - so whether you're looking for some simple snacks to boost a school lunch or inspiration for a wholesome lunchbox meal, we have some great ideas for you to try!

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1. Super simple wraps and sandwiches

We've got lunch all wrapped up! Our chicken & tzatziki wraps with baby spinach leaves are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin c. Why not get the kids involved in chopping the veggies and mixing up the sauce?

Our quick and healthy chicken & avocado rolls are ideal for little lunchboxes and use a grand total of six ingredients. The grated carrot offers beta carotene for healthy eyes and creamy avocado slices add texture and good quality fats to this super simple lunch. For little veggies, try our carrot & hummus roll-ups. Swap the peppery rocket for spinach if your kids aren't fans. Finally, mini munchers will love these star sarnies with red pesto and cream cheese.

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2. Satisfying salads

Who said salads have to be boring? Forget limp leaves and overpowering dressings, try our zesty recipes kids and teenagers alike will love. Combine crunchy corn taco pieces, barbecue chicken, chunks of avocado and lettuce to create our nutrient dense chicken taco salad. This healthy recipe is loaded with fibre and protein, as well as counting as four of your five-a-day.

Make our BLT pasta salad with just a handful of ingredients including fun pasta bows, a smooth creamy dressing and crisp bacon rasher bits for those who like their salads to be a little less 'salad-y' while still offering healthy carbohydrates, protein and veggies. For vegetarians, try our ratatouille pasta salad that packs in a whopping five of your five-a-day as well as 13g of protein per serving.

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3. Lovely leftovers

lentil & sweet potato Dahl

If you’re tight on time, take the pressure off by filling your kid’s lunchbox with some delicious leftovers - an easy way to save time and money! They can be enjoyed cold or heated and packed in an insulated container. Try this easy spinach, sweet potato & lentil Dahl or pasta arrabbiata which provides a healthy dose of protein, calcium and fibre - simply leave out the chilli flakes if your children prefer a milder taste!

You might be surprised to know that cooking and reheating certain foods can actually make them even more beneficial! For example, cooling certain foods such as potatoes and rice actually increases their levels resistant starch, a type of fibre which is supports beneficial gut bacteria.

Even more lovely leftovers...

Creamy lentil & veggie curry
Squash & pesto pasta

4. Moreish mini bites

Healthy snacks can be hard to come by. If you're struggling to find wholesome options to bulk up your child's lunch, try these mini marvels. Everything's cuter in miniature, including our munchable spinach & cottage cheese frittatas. These protein-rich little omelette bites were built for lunchboxes or speedy after school snacks.

Add in a fruitburst muffin for something sweet that still packs a nutritional punch with plenty of fibre, antioxidants and protein. It can be tricky to find healthy fruity snacks so why not try a frozen fruit pot for a boost of vitamin C? Ditch the skewers and pack up a food storage container with frozen grapes, mango, melon, strawberries and any other fruit your kids enjoy. They'll thaw by lunchtime but will still be fresh and chilled.

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5. Nourishing dips

Fresh, crunchy veggie sticks make a simple and colourful lunch option that provides a rainbow of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Hummus is a super easy storecupboard option you can whizz up in a blender in a flash and is a great source of plant protein. Try our moreish peanut hummus, just leave out the smoked paprika for children. Pack up a little pot of creamy avocado hummus with sweet red and yellow peppers and strips of pitta bread for a speedy snack you can make in minutes. Put together these five-minute pitta pockets for a quick fix if you're pressed for time. They're budget friendly and simple enough for the kids to put together.

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