When you’re in the mood for stodge, sometimes only cheese will fit the bill. But we're not talking a scant sprinkling of feta or modest slice of goat’s cheese here, we’re talking comforting recipes that are turbo-loaded with melting, hot cheese that demand to be eaten straight from the cooker.


So, dust off your grater and practice your best cheese jokes, as we have 10 cheesy dinner ideas to knock your socks off.

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Struggling to use up leftover cheese? We've got you covered with our leftover cheese recipes, from toasties and tarts, to fluffy soufflés.

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Best cheese recipes

1. Brie wrapped in prosciutto and brioche

Brie wrapped in brioche with a large chunk cut out, displayed on a chopping board

This recipe is a labour of love, but so worth it. We’re talking a whole baked brie wrapped in crisp, golden brioche and prosciutto. The recipe officially serves eight, but we’re not sure we’re that generous...

2. Triple-cheese dauphinoise

Triple-cheese dauphinoise in an oven proof dish

Turns out it is possible to build on the magnificent bedrock that is pommes dauphinoise – just add cheese to the power of three. We’ve supplemented the traditional gruyère with parmesan and untraditional cheddar.

3. Cheese & potato pie

Cheese & potato pie with a large chunk taken out

Call off the search: we’ve found the best hybrid recipe of all time. This puff pastry pie neatly fuses tartiflette, fondue and baked camembert. It’s served with a tangy chicory salad as a foil for all that dairy.

4. Baked fondue dip

Melty cheese fondue in an oven proof pot with a side of brown bread

Whether you make it on the hob or serve it in a little alpine-style pot by candlelight, we can’t find anything we don’t like about fondue. This medley contains four different cheeses, making it an ideal receptacle for odds and ends of cheeseboard leftovers.

5. Next level tartiflette

Next level tartiflette in a serving bowl

Tartiflette is a rib-sticking dish from the French Alps that’s made from potatoes, Reblochon cheese, lardons and onions. Add to the mix a grating of nutmeg dry white wine and this becomes a next level potato dish.

6. Macaroni cheese

Beer mac 'n' cheese in an oven proof dish with a portion taken out, next to a silver serving spoon

Banish all notions of macaroni in a tin – this pasta bake has gone high-end, with many restaurants now offering ultra-luxe versions of it. We did a forensic comb of all the mac ‘n’ cheese recipes on our site and discovered this one contains the most cheese per serving. You’re welcome.

7. Fondue baked potatoes

Nine cheesy baked potatoes in an oven proof dish

The trick to giving these après-ski-worthy spuds real wow-factor is choosing a good European melting cheese, like Reblochon, raclette or gruyère. The subtle nuttiness of the cheese combined with salty bacon, double cream and parsley is nothing short of miraculous.

8. Kimchi double-cheese toasties

Four kimchi cheese toasties piled on top of each other

Whether you’re talking rarebit, croque-madame or a good old-fashioned panini, the combination of melted cheese and toasted bread will never get old. Our favourite way to take a toastie up a notch is to pan-fry it, with a secret ingredient spread on the outside of the bread to give it a golden, crispy finish: mayonnaise. In this recipe, we've added kimchi to the mix, providing a welcome spicy-sour tang. The Korean fermented cabbage is a favourite ingredient of ours, and it’s especially good in this toastie.

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9. Baked camembert with homemade breadsticks

Baked camembert with bacon-wrapped breadsticks surrounding it

The sight of a melted whole camembert straight from the oven is enough to make us swoop like starved vultures, so this breadstick creation is enough to give us palpitations. Each stick is wrapped in crisp pancetta, too.

10. Three-cheese meatball lasagne

Lasagne in a round baking dish topped with meatballs with a chunk missing

Try swapping the meat sauce in a traditional lasagne for sausage meatballs in this epic three-cheese meatball lasagne. This twist on lasagne features a generous helping of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar, which is baked until bubbling and golden, with lots of crisp cheesy bits around the edge. Cheese heaven!

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What’s your favourite way to serve cheese? We'd like to hear your outrageous recipe ideas.

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