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Carrot soup in bowls with topping and spoons

The best healthy family soup recipes

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Kids will love these healthy, warming soups that make a hearty lunch or speedy supper. They're simple to make, filling and full of nutritious veggies.

For a no-fuss, nourishing family supper, blitz the right combination of veggies for a steaming bowl of soup. It can be indulgent as well as healthy with flavours and textures that make it a great comfort food – and it's child-friendly, too. We have classic flavours like carrot & ginger and more unusual recipes like a vibrant green pesto minestrone that will quickly become family favourites.


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1. Spiced carrot & lentil soup

Carrot soup in bowl with cream and herbs on tray

Whether you want to make a simple slow cooker recipe, or you have a leisurely afternoon to make this dish, it's time well spent. Our deliciously spiced carrot soup is low-fat yet full-flavoured. Don't forget some crusty bread for mopping up those precious last mouthfuls.

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2. Courgette, potato & cheddar soup

Green soup in bowl with spring onions and ladle on board

A cheesy courgette & cheddar soup is food for the soul. Supercharge a standard veggie soup with a healthy grating of the extra-mature stuff and a dash of nutmeg. Keep it chunky or whizz to a smoother consistency if you prefer. Be sure to freeze a few portions (if it's not immediately devoured) for easy dinners later in the week.

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3. Hearty mushroom soup

Soup in bowl on table

Shun that dusty can at the back of the cupboard and embrace our hearty mushroom soup recipe. Porcini mushrooms give this dish a big savoury flavour boost and the pearl barley soaks up those umami flavours – we also recommend using the strained porcini liquid for an even more intense taste. Serve with plenty of parmesan for sprinkling.

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4. Rustic vegetable soup

Saucepan with vegetable soup on table

This low-fat veggie soup has it all; carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, lentils, celery and tomato, to eat your way to five-a-day. If you want to bulk up this riot of colour even more, why not try adding borlotti beans or chicken breast? For an injection of wholesome, healthy goodness, look no further.

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5. Italian vegetable soup

Pasta and tomato soup in bowl

Throwing in small pasta pieces with your veggies makes this Italian soup really filling. Use other storecupboard staples - chopped tomatoes and chunky butter beans - to form the base of your soup, then pile in the seasonal veg. Feel free to use any fresh veg you have to hand if you're not a courgette fan. Serve with plenty of parmesan and freeze extra portions for another time.

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6. Chicken, sweetcorn & noodle soup

Noodle soup with vegetables in bowl with spoon

If you think you have a cold brewing or you're just in need of some TLC, this noodle soup with a flavourful broth is just what you need. Add some chilli or ginger for an even more soothing and aromatic bowlful. It's a nourishing dish that you can prep in just 15 minutes and the family are sure to love it.

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7. Green pesto minestrone

Green soup in bowl with bread

Get your greens with our pesto minestrone, which you have the option of serving with garlic flatbreads. It's a twist on a classic with orzo pasta, frozen peas and celery for a light, summery soup. A grating of earthy parmesan balances out the citrus in this fresh-tasting veggie supper.

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8. Honeyed carrot soup

Soup with potato wedges and toasties on tray

This slightly sweet carrot soup is bound to be a hit with family and friends, but you can leave out the honey if you prefer. Pair mugs of this with garlic bread, potato wedges or bacon butties – although these additions are obviously less healthy than the soup itself. Add a dash of chilli powder for an extra kick.

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9. Moroccan chickpea soup

Chickpea soup in bowls on tray with flatbread

Quick, hearty and full of flavourful veggies, try our Moroccan chickpea soup with a squeeze of lemon. To spice it up add a spoonful of harissa paste or swap the cumin for a teaspoon of garam masala. For an even more generous dish, fry sliced chorizo sausage with the onions and celery.

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10. Creamy tomato soup

Tomato soup in bowls with spoons and muffins

No one could turn down this classic tomato soup recipe. You could bake a batch of cheesy sausage muffins to partner this simple dish, but again, this is only if you're prioritising indulgence over healthy eating. The muffins are stuffed full of punchy cheddar, sausages and best of all, garlic butter. Once you've tried the soup (with or without the muffins), you'll want it again and again.

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