Whether you enjoy the satisfying ‘snap’ of breaking a chocolate bar before devouring it or are looking for an easy homemade gift, our gorgeous chocolate bark recipes make the perfect treat.


Swirl together combinations of melted milk, white and dark chocolate for a stunning marble-effect which forms a welcome addition to any Christmas hamper, or pack your slab full of Easter goodies – the best way to use up any lingering chocolate!

These chocolate bark recipes are totally easy to make, so kids can get involved in the kitchen for a fun holiday project or party activity. Just take care to melt the chocolate before handing over the decorating duties to little helpers.

If you can withstand the temptation to demolish them straight away, chocolate shards can also make an ornate embellishment for cakes and bakes. So, whatever the season, gather your forces and prepare to craft some choc-tastic confectionary.

1. Salted fruit 'n' nut bark


Combine dried berries, mixed nuts and sea salt flakes in a marbled mixture of decadent dark and white chocolate for a sophisticated treat. Customise with cranberries and pistachios for a festive gift to break up and pop into stockings or foodie hampers. It could also be whipped up for a scrumptious Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. Whatever the occasion, this jewelled piece of chocolate artistry may soon become everyone's favourite fruit and nut bar – be prepared for second orders.

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2. Reindeer & snowman chocolate bark


You can almost hear the sound of sleigh bells jingling with this fabulously festive reindeer and snowman bark. Let the kids decorate, using small pretzels to make antlers, smarties for noses and mini marshmallows for snowmen. To give them as a gift, break up the bark into shards and wrap in a cellophane bag with a pretty ribbon.

Reindeer & snowman chocolate bark

3. White chocolate unicorn bark


All fans of the unicorn foodie trend can rejoice, for this rippled rainbow theme has been reincarnated in our pretty pastel-coloured bark. Kids will love experimenting with different food colourings, toppings and sweets, so set them the challenge of conjuring up their best fantastical white chocolate candy creation.

White chocolate unicorn bark

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4. Easter chocolate bark


Easter – the time of year when little ones (and adults) eagerly await the annual treasure hunt for chocolate eggs. But what if the Easter bunny has been too generous? Fear not, for those surplus sweets can be put to good use in a big Easter bark mash-up. Simply melt any leftover chocolate and pour into a baking tin along with bashed up mini chocolate eggs, some freeze-dried raspberries and any other goodies you have to hand.

Easter chocolate bark

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5. Sweet shop bark


Another treat for the Easter hamper, or any other time of the year, this colourful bark is bespeckled with a spectacular display of candy that would dazzle even Willy Wonka himself. Tailor the toppings with whatever sweet treats you fancy - the more outrageous the better!

Sweet shop bark

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6. Pretzel & honeycomb bark


If you are looking for a cake topper to impress, then these decorative crunchy cocoa shards will form the ultimate crowning glory. With chocolate chips, honeycomb and pretzel pieces, each shard delivers a burst of texture to tantalise any tastebuds. Whether you're decorating an elaborate Easter masterpiece or special birthday bake, this bark will add an extra touch of finesse without much additional effort.

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7. White chocolate & strawberry bark


Give chocolate bark a summertime twist by combining freeze-dried strawberries with crushed biscuits, meringues and melted white chocolate. Once set, break this light and fruity mixture into shards to combine with white chocolate-coated strawberries and meringue kisses to adorn a showstopping summer party cake.

White chocolate & strawberry bark

8. Toffee popcorn bark


We've taken everyone's favourite cinema snack one step further by smothering it in a pool of molten chocolate. Toffee popcorn clusters form a satisfyingly crunchy texture amidst velvety pieces of white and milk chocolate. These simple slabs will go down a storm at kids' parties and family movie nights.

Toffee popcorn bark

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9. Mint-chocolate bark with pretzels


Combine three types of chocolate into a swirling concotion of sweetness, punctuated by delightfully crunchy salted pretzels. A hint of mint essence gives this bark a refreshing kick, making it the perfect option for an after-dinner palate cleanser or a crowd-pleasing buffet snack.

Mint-chocolate bark with pretzels

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