Nothing beats a homemade gift when it comes to Mother's Day and you'll be surprised at what the smallest of hands can help whip up. When the mini pinnies have been bunged in the wash, let the kids loose with ribbons, edible glitter and homemade gift cards. You will definitely win points for bravery even if your creations don't turn out picture perfect.

1. Salted fruit 'n' nut bark

Salted fruit and nut bark

These simple yet scrumptious chocolate bites make a present kids can be proud of. Carefully melt the chocolate, then let the children take over, swirling to create a marbled effect and decorating with fruit and nuts.Salted fruit 'n' nut bark

2. White chocolate pretzel bites

White chocolate pretzels

Kids are bound to love smashing up pretzels with a rolling pin (though these might need to be made in advance if a lie-in is on the cards). This recipe is super-simple but the results are scrumptious.White chocolate pretzel bites

3. Peppermint candy biscuits

Peppermint candy biscuits

These cute candy-filled biscuits are sure to melt a few hearts, place them in a box with some pretty coloured tissue for the perfect present.Peppermint candy biscuits

4. Chocolate truffles

Easy chocolate truffles

Help the kids make the truffles then let them loose with the rolling and decorating. Get creative with toppings like crushed pistachio nuts, lightly toasted desiccated coconut, orange zest and cocoa powder for maximum wow factor.Chocolate truffles

5. Fruit & nut chocolate chequers

Fruit & nut chocolate chequers

These beautiful little squares couldn't be simpler to make and look really special. Decorate with raspberry flakes, pecans, candied peel and a swirl of melted chocolate - the kids might even let you take a turn as chocolatier too.

Fruit & nut chocolate chequers

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Will you be making something special with the kids for Mother's Day? We'd love to hear your ideas...

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