Breakfast in bed

A lie-in with a lovingly-made breakfast in bed might just be top of any mum’s wish list on Mothering Sunday. These recipes are simple enough for youngsters to have a hand in making them.


Get a taste of all things brunch, from granola and green goddess smoothie bowls, to breakfast bagels, banana bread or bacon.

Don’t forget the homemade breakfast spreads in the shape of salted peanut butter, easy strawberry jam or blackcurrant compote.

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Banoffee pecan granola


This delicious banoffee pecan granola is packed with fruit, nuts and seeds, to give the whole family an energy boost. The kids can mix it up and decant some into a little jar for mum with a handwritten label. The rest will keep for up to a month in an airtight container.For more cereal recipes, see our granola collection.

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Breakfast bagel club


Straightforward for children to assemble, this lovely layered breakfast bagel club is a tasty mix of salty, smoky and creamy. Teach the kids how to cook the eggs and tuck into a complete brunch that’ll keep you all going until lunch. Make it look special for Mother’s Day by topping with a little decorative flag made from washi tape fixed around a cocktail stick.See our bagel recipes for more breakfast sandwiches.

Raw strawberry jam


This simple raw strawberry jam is bursting with fruity flavour for mum’s breakfast-in-bed toast. It's also no-cook, so even the youngest cooks can get involved. Blend most of the berries in a food processor then just stir in the rest of the ingredients, mix and leave to thicken by magic. Gluten-free and vegan, too.Make a batch of homemade preserves with our jam recipes.

Kale smoothie


This cheerful kale smoothie provides a lovely pop of colour and is packed with vitamin C and all the goodness of kale, avo, zesty lime and pineapple. It’s gluten-free, vegan and ready in 5 minutes. It makes enough for the kids to try a glass, too.Blend another glass of greens with our smoothie recipes.

Banana & oat pancakes


Rolled oats, natural sweetness from the banana, fresh fruit and yogurt – these tempting banana & oat pancakes provide a healthier start to Mother’s Day. Kids can easily help whip up the batter in a blender and then have a lesson in how to whisk egg whites to fold into the mix.Find more inspiration in our ultimate pancake collection.

Green goddess smoothie bowl


This Insta-worthy green goddess smoothie bowl is as beautiful to behold as it is tasty to eat. Providing 100% of your five-a-day, it provides all the goodness of avocado, banana, spinach, raspberries, blueberries, mango and mixed seeds. The biggest bonus? The kids can help prep it all the night before, ready to carry up to mum in the morning.Create more beautiful dishes with our smoothie bowl recipes.

Crisp bacon & avocado toasts


These crisp bacon & avocado toasts, a variation on a BLT, are simple enough for children to help with. Grill the bacon and cherry tomatoes while they mash the avocado with a fork. Omit the dried chilli if youngsters don’t like the taste.Fill up on our hearty avocado toast recipes.

Vegan banana bread


Use up ripe bananas in this delicious vegan banana bread, perfect toasted and spread with peanut butter (below). It’s a straightforward recipe for children to help with and fills the house with a heavenly aroma on Mother’s Day morning. Make it together and tuck in over a cuppa. Bake a loaf from our banana bread collection.

Salted peanut butter


Three ingredients are all you need to make your own salted peanut butter at home, without any added nasties. The kids can make it just the way mum likes it – crunchy or smooth – then fill a jar decorated with a handwritten label. Try it slathered on a slice of toasted vegan banana bread (above).Use up any leftovers with our peanut butter recipes.

Blackcurrant compote


You only need three ingredients to make this blackcurrant compote, too – perfect for topping off porridge or muesli on Mother’s Day. You'll need a fruit thermometer and to sterilise your jars in advance, so although kids can help make this, they’ll need adult supervision. Let them make labels for their Mother’s Day compote and keep any leftovers in the fridge for up to three weeks.

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