5 of our finest summer punches

5 of our finest summer punches

Our best summer punch recipes, perfect to refresh a crowd.

Looking for a light punch to kick off your summer party? We’ve got five recipes you can make in minutes that are fabulously fruity and will help your guests beat the heat.


Cucumber, mint & melon punch

This minty melon combo uses a delicious mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and juicy watermelon. Vodka, lime and mint are flavours that naturally go together, then all you need is some sparkling water and a melon baller to scoop yourself a moreish party drink. If you leave it to steep for thirty minutes to an hour, the melon will soak up the boozy flavours. 

Try our cucumber, mint & melon punch.

Pink grapefruit punch

Make yourself a pretty pink punch in minutes that will keep guests coming back for more. A sprig of thyme adds a herby undertone to this semi-sweet grown-up juice. Add plenty of ice, swirl and serve. If you want a touch more sweetness, stir in a spoonful of extra honey. 

Give our pink grapefruit punch a go.

Apple Prosecco punch

A punch can only be improved by adding Prosecco. Spruce up a basic apple and vodka punch in a second with Prosecco, a squeeze of lemon juice and slices of green apple. This punch is also easy to top up when you start running low (which will happen pretty quickly, trust us). Simply pour and impress!

Try out our Apple Prosecco punch recipe.

Classic Caribbean rum punch

No-one can resist a classic Caribbean cocktail. This tipple isn’t sickly sweet and has just the right amount of fruity flavour – it’s a sweet and sour combination that’s sure to go down a treat. The ingredients might look a bit daunting, but all you need to do is mix, chill and garnish for a special boozy weekend thirst quencher.

Relax with rum punch.

Peachy punch

A light peach punch with soft fruit, rosé wine and schnapps. Peaches are perfectly ripe in the summer months, so take advantage with this flavour-packed drink. Top up with soda water or tonic to your own particular taste.

Perk up your party with peach punch.


What’s your favourite summer punch recipe? Let us know in the comments below…