The most intensely coloured and flavoured of all the summer berries, blackcurrants are packed with brain-boosting vitamins too, so we’ll be enthusiastically digging into them during peak season (June and July). But as they’re sometimes too bitter to eat on their own, we also have recipe suggestions for these deep purple beauties...


Have we whet your appetite for summer berry dishes? Check out our best ever blackcurrant recipes for more delicious ideas.

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Our favourite blackcurrant recipes

1. Blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant jam with bread and a cup of tea

We can’t resist blackcurrant jam smothered onto hot buttered crumpets, peeking out from under clotted cream on a scone, serving as an adhesive between two Victoria sponges… we could go on. You could make this summer berry jam with only blackcurrants (using 1.8kg and a splash of crème de cassis too), but teaming them with raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries works nicely. Just make sure you don’t drop a blob onto your favourite white summer outfit.

Summer berry jam

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2. Summer pudding


This basin summer pudding is a winner on all fronts – it allows you to use up your stale bread as well as a large batch of whatever summer fruits you can lay your hands on. Play around with ratios to suit your tastes, and try something new by adding grapes and cherries for a ‘Black Forest’ version. If you haven't had your fill of fabulous desserts, check out our top summer pudding recipes.

Black Forest pudding

3. Blackcurrant sorbet


Fat-free sorbet is the summer cooler to top all others. This version has a rich and deep flavour, levelled out by fresh mint and sugar syrup. We have serving suggestions too - dollop a scoop into a glass of prosecco to create an instant frozen cocktail, or blend it into this smooth, creamy lassi, swapping the mango sorbet for blackcurrant, and the fresh fruit for a handful of berries, using milk to adjust the thickness and honey to add sweetness if required. Discover more refreshing sorbet recipes with our ultimate collection.

Blackcurrant & mint sorbet

4. Berry crumble


This irresistible pudding isn’t just for chilly nights and Autumn entertaining. Our warmer weather recipe contains a mixture of summer fruit and a base of fresh strawberries. Experiment with different berry concoctions and follow our guide to making the ultimate crumble, which covers crucial crumble conumdrums such as topping texture, madcap additions and thickness of layers. Mix up your traditional recipe with our top 10 crumble toppings, from tropical coconut to crunchy peanuts.

Very-berry oat crumble

5. Blackcurrant vodka


If you like your booze with a sweet edge, try making your own flavoured liqueur. Our versatile fruit vodka recipe is easily adapted - just replace the 250g of cranberries with the same quantity of fresh blackcurrants. Leave the berries to impart their flavour for two weeks then crack open the bottle and enjoy a delicately infused shot of deliciousness. Try your hand at even more fruity flavour combinations with our guide on how to make flavoured spirits.

Fruit vodka recipe

6. Blackcurrant sauce


Berry and game seasons coincide, and if you’re lucky enough to pick up fresh grouse, cut through its rich flavour with a fruit-based sauce. This recipe means business. Roast the grouse simply and spruce it up with a whisky, beetroot and blackcurrant sauce – with a dash of crème de cassis for good measure.

Roast grouse with blackcurrant sauce

7. Blackcurrant compote


Compote couldn’t be easier to make, and it can be used on yogurt, swirled into ice cream, in cocktails, pies, desserts and so much more besides. This summery version can be whipped up in minutes. Freeze in individual portions – an ice cube tray is good for this – and use over a three month period. We recommend adding cinnamon to the mix too.

Blackcurrant compote

8. Blackcurrant pie


Pile a mound of summer berries into a pan, top with an almond pastry lid and let the oven do the work. Soon the fruit will have broken down into a warm red sauce, ready to meld lovingly with cold vanilla ice cream. Bake up even more sweet treats with our favourite fruity pie recipes.

Summer berry pie

9. Blackcurrant cordial


Make your own refreshing summer drink using a glut of blackcurrants. Combine this tart fruit with sugar and zingy lemon juice to make a simple syrup. Enjoy it chilled with still or sparkling water, or mix it into something a little stronger if you prefer! The cordial can be stored in the fridge for up to one month. We've also got plenty more fruity cordial recipes to try.

Blackcurrant cordial recipes

10. Blackcurrant queen of puddings


Tart blackcurrant compote and buttery brioche crumbs give this classic British dessert a vibrant twist. It’s traditionally made with raspberries, but we think the sharpness of blackcurrants balances perfectly with the sweet fluffy meringue topping.

Blackcurrant queen of puddings

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