Roasted aloo gobi

Healthy vegetarian comfort food recipes

When all you need is a hearty plate of comfort food, these veggie curries, pies and pasta dishes are the answer. Choose your ultimate meat-free indulgence.

Whether it’s a scoop of something bubbling and cheesy, a super-indulgent burger with all the trimmings or a bowlful of spicy curry, you deserve comfort food that’ll do you good. Our healthy veggie dishes are packed to the brim with health benefits, rich flavours and fine ingredients.


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Healthy curries

Our extra special veggie curries are like hugs by the bowlful. If you’re looking for comfort food that reminds you of your favourite takeaway, look no further than our roasted aloo gobi with cauliflower and plenty of potatoes. Or go for something creamy and coconutty with our light Thai green curry crammed with veggies in a warming, fragrant sauce. You can’t get a more satisfying supper.

You could also try cooking up a Caribbean-style spicy stew like our jerk sweet potato & black bean curry served over fluffy rice.

Healthy pasta dishes

Pasta smothered in white sauce and cheese with luscious tomato sauce – this classic Italian pasta bake is a thing of beauty. Our veggie lasagne screams ‘comfort food’ with a chunky veg filling and crème fraîche topping. Even less effort is required for great flavour with our slow cooker lasagne.

For an even lighter cheesy fix, try our spaghetti with lemon, parmesan & peas.

Healthy chillis

Perfect bowl food, chilli can also be a wholesome dinner choice with plenty of options for tasty toppings. Serve it with rice, baked nachos or wrapped up in a tortilla for a quick-fix dinner. Our double bean veggie chilli with a dash of Tabasco and a dollop of soured cream is guaranteed to please a crowd. A weeknight saviour for veggie families.

You may also like to try our recipe for cheesy enchiladas with pulses of your choice, or get an extra dose of protein by cooking our mixed bean chilli with crispy potato wedges.

Healthy fakeaways

Ditch the takeaways and practice making these healthy veggie alternatives. Our basic frying pan pizza recipe is nutritious, takes just 10 minutes to prepare and can be easily customised. Sprinkle on the cheddar (yes, you read that right) and rejoice in a cheesy yet wholesome treat. Or try a slice of our courgette pizza with traditional mozzarella – it’s a crisp, golden-brown beauty.

Don’t feel guilty about serving dinner in a bun either with our beautiful, healthy veggie burgers. Grab a can from the cupboard and create delicious chickpea & coriander burgers – all they need is a squirt of chilli sauce for pulse perfection. Add a couple of special ingredients and you’ll have trendy miso burgers with pomegranate slaw.

Learn how to make the perfect veggie burger with our recipe guide.

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