The humble baked potato is the king of the last-minute dinner. Spoon on spicy chilli, melty cheese with crispy bacon, homemade baked beans or even a dollop of dhal for a seriously satisfying supper.


Try our ideas below, then dive into our guide on how to make the ultimate baked potato for more top tips for chilly evenings. Need something packed with wholesome health benefits? Check out our top 10 healthy jacket potato fillings.

Easy baked potato filling ideas

Cheesy baked potatoes

Jacket potatoes with soured cream, cheese and bacon

Start with our basic baked potatoes; crispy-skinned, golden beauties with fluffy insides. When they're piping hot, choose your cheese and get sprinkling. Try creamy soured cream, a punchy cheddar, salty feta or even gooey mozzarella. Our jacket potato with whipped feta & sumac makes a decadent dinner for one, or go for a three cheese & onion jacket potato topper. Try a classic jacket potato with a melting soured cream, spring onion and crispy bacon middle. Make our twice-baked potatoes with goat's cheese for a deliciously creamy combination.

Try swapping your standard potato for a sweet potato to up your veg count. Get stuck into a hearty supper for two with our pesto, cannelloni bean & tuna jackets, brought together with cool cream cheese.

Forget shop-bought toppings, whip up our jacket potatoes with home-baked beans, laced with warming paprika and umami Worcestershire sauce. Top with a mound of strong cheddar for a classic flavour combination.

More like this

Chilli-topped potatoes

Chilli jacket potato

Baked chilli & jacket potatoes are a match made in heaven. Make a bubbling pan for when the nights start to draw in and top with the obligatory sprinkling of cheese. Add a dash of chipotle paste to make our smoky chilli con carne jackets, or opt for a lighter version with our turkey chilli jacket potatoes. This Mexican-style chilli uses cumin and paprika to add a dose of aromatic spice. Go for a filling plant-based option and indulge in a plateful of our burnt aubergine veggie chilli.

Curries and spicy toppings

Sweet potato curry jacket

Pack in the protein with our tasty vegan chickpea curry jacket potatoes, ideal for a filling midweek meal. This nutritious sweet potato bake uses masala paste, fresh garlic and ginger to amp up the flavours of this mouth-watering vegan meal.

Serve up our baked potatoes with spicy dhal, and a spoonful of mango chutney or lime pickle. This freezable fix-it meal is perfect for a delectable dinner for two. Want something a little different? Get stuck into a spicy plate of baked sweet potatoes with steak fajita filling and creamy guacamole. This colourful recipe is well worth the effort and contains four of your five-a-day.

Stuffed baked potatoes

Baked potatoes with slaw & sour cream

Go one step further and mix your fluffy potato filling with an array of mouth-watering ingredients.

Combine your potato filling with spring onion, sweetcorn and cheese to make our loaded baked potatoes with slaw. Serve with our homemade coleslaw and a dollop of cooling yogurt for an instant family favourite. Get the kids in the kitchen customising their own creations with our stuffed jacket potatoes. Mix in whichever veg you fancy.

Add some oomph to your dinner with a side of our cheesy bean potatoes, best served with sizzling sausages and a simple side salad. Mix up the classic cheese and onion combo in the form of our leek & herb stuffed jackets, thrown together with just five ingredients. If that's not enough cheese for you, our pizza baked potato is the ideal budget-friendly family meal. Prep this simple dish in just five minutes. Put a green spin on your favourite tattie with our crisp and golden broccoli baked potatoes.

Assemble our shepherd's pie potatoes for a dose of pure comfort food. This hearty hybrid is easily scaled up if you've got more mouths to feed.

Healthy potato toppings

Chilli beef jacket potato on plate

Find even more inspiration for healthy jacket potato recipes with our ultimate collection. Pile your tatties high with good-for-you fillings like chilli, curry and homemade baked beans.

Pack in the veggies and try our feta & kale loaded sweet potato, packed with crunchy pumpkin seeds and a punch of chilli for an irresistible mix of flavours and textures. Our vegan three-bean chilli with potato jackets gives you a big helping of vitamin c, fibre and plenty of storecupboard spice. Or, make a batch of our vegan chilli in bulk and freeze portions for future speedy tattie toppings.

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