Advice from the NHS to limit children’s shop-bought snacks to a maximum of two a day, each under 100 calories, is designed to make our lives easier – helping parents to make quick, healthier decisions when buying food at the supermarket.


To ensure a balanced diet, it’s important to choose healthy snacks for kids. Figures from Public Health England show that the average primary school child could be consuming a whopping three times more added sugar than recommended daily limits, with the average child eating at least three sugar-laden items a day – often in the form of snacks or sugary drinks. In response, the NHS’s Change4Life campaign encourages parents to make healthier choices when out and about, or doing the weekly shop.

The Change4Life food scanner app is another useful resource which shows parents how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is in a packaged product.

What about homemade snacks?

The current advice relates to shop-bought snacks only – this means that homemade snacks for kids are excluded from the two a day, 100 calorie limit. This is because making your own recipe puts you in control of the ingredients and therefore they are likely to be lower in sugar, salt, saturated fat and additives. It's worth remembering that fruit and vegetables are not limited and are always the best choice for childrens in-between meals.

5 easy homemade snacks for kids

1. Fruity sundae

This pot of yogurt swirled with mashed strawberries and topped with mixed berries packs a punch for presentation and nutrition. Pack in Tupperware or a recycled screw-top jar and you’ll be cutting down on plastic waste, too. (8g sugars)

Fruity sundae

2. Sweet potato crisps

With just two ingredients – a sweet potato and olive oil – these baked crisps couldn’t be simpler. Why spend money on processed packets of crisps when you can make your own in half an hour? (6g sugars)

Sweet potato crisps

3. Rainbow fruit skewers

Full of colour and nothing but fresh fruit, these vitamin-packed skewers lend lunchboxes a bit of rainbow cheer. Kids like helping assemble them, and you can vary the colours and fruit varieties. (12g sugars)

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Rainbow fruit skewers

4. Cheese wheatmeal biscuits

Our quick-cook biscuits combine wholemeal flour with oatmeal and cheddar for a savoury bite, perfect for lunchboxes. Cut into your kids’ favourite shapes or just roll into balls and flatten. (0.2g sugars)

Cheese wheatmeal biscuits

5. Choco-dipped tangerines

We all crave chocolate sometimes and presenting it as a tempting shell for something fruity is a great way to satisfy the tastebuds. Perfect for kids and adults. (12g sugars)

Choco-dipped tangerines

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