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14 handy gadgets every baker needs to own

Are you serious about making cakes and bread? Check out our pick of the best baker's kit on the market to help you whip up a showstopper with minimum fuss.

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Baking is only possible with the right kit, and we’ve tested it all – from cake tins and stand mixers to cooling racks and hand whisks. Here, we’ve selected niche gadgets for true baking lovers. Read on to find the buys that will transform the way you bake.

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Two-in-one whisk with green scraper attachment

Two-in-one whisk

This genius little invention manages to combine two of a baker’s most used tools, the whisk and the spatula. Whisk away to your heart’s content, then turn the whisk and use the built-in spatula to scrape up any mixture that’s still stuck to the bowl.

Recommended product:

Joseph Joseph Whiskle

The design is fairly light, meaning kids can use it too, plus it’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. One thing to note is that, with the spatula attachment, this may be a little tricky to fit inside your cutlery drawer, so consider alternative storage options.

Available from Amazon (£10)

Push pan baking tin on white background

Non-stick baking tin

Credit to PushPan, as its tins are genuinely non-stick – no baking parchment required. Yes, they do exactly what it says on the tin, so it’s a win for the environment as well as for the home baker.

Recommeded product:

PushPan aluminium deep tin

During rigorous testing with wet batters, there were no nasty leaks, meaning no scrubbing burnt cake off the bottom of the oven afterwards. The tin itself is fairly easy to clean, but like most baking tins, we’d recommend washing by hand with soapy water as the dishwasher can diminish non-stick qualities. Also, the PushPan heats up four times faster than standard cake tins, so be careful you don’t overbake the contents.

Baking belt

Ever baked a sponge and pulled it out of the oven only to find there’s a crack on top? This tends to happen when the heat hasn’t been distributed properly, resulting in an uneven bake.

Recommended product: 

PME baking belt

Ensure you achieve consistent, smooth-topped cakes with this smart little baking belt. Simply soak it in cold water and strap around your cake tin. The tin will heat uniformly, so the cake will bake at the same speed throughout. Ideal for perfectionists, this will save you time having to straighten your sponges with a cake-leveller.

Available from Amazon (£3.28)

Bagel mould on white background

Bagel moulds

Making bagels at home is a time-consuming business, but these crafty little moulds allow you to make six at once with relative ease, from dipping the dough into boiling water to finishing in the oven.

Recommended product:

Lékué silicone bagel moulds (set of six)

The silicone material is non-stick, so that all-important hole in the centre stays uniform as each bagel bakes around the cone. Plus, perforations in the moulds allow excess moisture to evaporate in the oven, resulting in a perfectly crisp finish with soft, pillowy bread on the inside. Because they’re silicone, they’re generally easy to clean, are dishwasher-safe and stack neatly on top of each other to save cupboard space.

Available from Amazon (£16.90)

Wilton smoother with purple handle on white background

Buttercream smoother

To achieve that smooth buttercream finish on a cake, invest in a decent scraper – they’re easier and more efficient to use than a palette knife.

Recommeded product:

Tala flat edge cake smoother

This tool looks like something you might see a plasterer using and, trust us, it produces the same results. Just apply your chosen buttercream to the tops and sides of your sponge, then hold on to the comfort grips on the scraper before placing it up against the buttercream. If you have a turntable, spin the sponge and hold the scraper firmly in place so that the buttercream spreads itself out evenly over the cake. Repeat for the top of the cake, too. If you don’t have a turntable, just make sure you can reach all sides of the cake. The scraper is 9 inches, so it’s ideal for tall, tiered cakes.

Available from Amazon (£5.73)

Chlorine-free baking cups

Any cupcake fans out there who fret about using too many non-recyclable cases when baking can rest easy with these entirely unbleached baking cups.

Recommended product: 

If You Care large baking cups

They’re large enough to make standard-sized muffins or fairly huge cupcakes, are made from unbleached and recycled cardboard packaging, and are chlorine-free. That means that no chlorine is dumped into oceans, rivers or lakes as a result of them being recycled.

Available from Ethical Superstore (£1.75)

Red oven puller on white background

Oven puller

Bakers need not worry about burning their hands or arms on scorching hot ovens with a nifty little handle.

Recommended product: 

Norpro silicone oven push/pull

The Norpro oven push/pull latches on to your cake dish (or any casserole dish for that matter), allowing you to pull your bake out of the oven with little risk of having to touch the sides, thus reducing the chance of burns. It’s also pretty handy for when you need to test the centre of your cake to ensure it’s cooked – simply pull out, pop in your skewer, then push back inside. Easy peasy.

Available from Amazon (£6.59)

Russell Hobbs Go Create stand mixer, kitchen gadgets

Electric stand mixer

Stand mixers are the workhorses of a busy kitchen that, thanks to their motors, will take the burden of combining ingredients so your arms don’t have to.

Recommended product: 

Russell Hobbs Go Create stand mixer

Rated best mid-range model in our test of the best stand mixers, the Russel Hobbs Go Create sits at the budget end of the spectrum, but offers a good range of speed settings. It’s ideal for making anything from cake recipes to kneading bread dough with its various attachments.

Available from Argos (£99.99)

TableCraft dough scraper, kitchen gadgets

Dough scraper

Dough scrapers are often known as bench scrapers, and are useful when handling sticky things like pizza dough.

Recommended product:

Tablecraft handled stainless steel dough scraper

The Tablecraft scraper is a sharp and sturdy example that makes collecting stubborn, sticky chunks back into one ball particularly easy, as well as dividing dough into portions.

Available from Amazon (£7.47)

Circulon Ultimum insulated baking sheet, baking gadgets

Baking tray

Whether you enjoy making the odd batch of biscuits or want to branch into the world of pastry, baking trays are a true kitchen essential. A non-stick flat surface gives you flexibility to spread out creations and achieve a more even bake, while being a conveniently slim bit of kit to store. Read our review of the best baking trays.

Recommended product: 

Circulon Ultimum insulated baking sheet

We put the best baking trays to the test and were impressed by the proportions of the Circulon Ultimate, voted best baking sheet for one-batch cooking. It’s also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Available from John Lewis & Partners (£19.00)

Le Creuset spring form cake tin, kitchen gadgets
Springform tin

At BBC Good Food, we like robust bakeware, like springform tins. When you have the right shape and size for the recipe, you’re more likely to get the result you’re hoping for. Springform tins also make the release of bakes a much gentler process. Read our review of the best cake tins.

Recommended product: 

Le Creuset springform round cake tin

This Le Creuset has a couple of qualities that make it a cut above the rest: a heat-resistant silicone-coated clasp for easy un-clipping, PFOA-free non-stick, and a lifetime guarantee to protect it.

VonShef 750w food processor, kitchen gadgets

Food processor

These kitchen gadgets slice, dice, chop and blitz ingredients much quicker than we can. They’re multitaskers that usually arrive with a variety of attachments that come in handy for biscuit dough, cake batter and even crumbly bases for cheesecake.

Recommended product: 

VonShef 750W food processor

Voted best-value food processor by BBC Good Food experts, this baking gadget comes loaded with a variety of functions within a small, neat footprint. Interested in juicing? An emulsification disc comes included. Read our guide to the best food processors.

Available from:
Von Shef (£74.99)
Amazon (£74.99)

Wilton measuring spoons, baking gadgets

Measuring spoons

When dealing with ingredients like baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and spices, it really helps to have a good set of measuring spoons to follow the recommended amounts in a recipe.

Recommended product:

Wilton Scoop-It measuring cups

This set of four measuring spoons are dishwasher-safe and have silicone handles – great for gripping, even with buttery fingers. The tear-drop shape is also a logical touch for scooping into even the smallest spice jars.

Available from Amazon (£13.94)

Salter 10kg scales, baking gadgets

Weighing scales

Sometimes we eyeball recipes, and sometimes, specific measurements are a must for making the best bakes possible, particularly for bread. You want a pair that’s easy to read and store, and most importantly, accurate in its measurements.

Recommended product:

Salter 10kg glass electronic digital kitchen scales

BBC Good Food experts rated this set the best kitchen scales for large loads because their precise measurements extend all the way up to the 10kg mark. It’s not a level we’re likely to reach on a regular basis, but for batch-baking for picnics and birthday parties, or even making dough for freezing, the large capacity is incredibly useful.

Available from Salter (£29.99)

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