• Integrated weighing scales and warming function, 7-litre EasyWarm bowl, in-bowl illumination


  • Heavy, expensive, large footprint

Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL summary

Like its sibling the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium, this model is a beast, weighing in at 8.5kg (without a bowl). But once set up at eye level you begin to appreciate it for what it is; a modernised version of the brand's classic, boxy machines built for functionality and packed with power, thanks to a 1400W motor.


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First impressions of the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL

XL refers in part to the 7-litre EasyWarm bowl which has a 4.5-litre working capacity, two robust handles and arrives loaded with a second 5-litre bowl nested inside. Its EasyWarm feature is designed to prove dough and, Kenwood claim, melts chocolate 33% faster than the standard Kenwood mixing bowl.

Accompanying the mixer is a stainless steel dough hook, K-beater, balloon whisk and creaming beater along with a head shield with easy access feeder spout, splash-guard, plastic spatula and dough slicer.

All attachments are dishwasher-safe and feel weighty, which adds to the quality. They twist to align during loading. Over 25 optional attachments are available for this model, so a lot more versatility is on offer.

How easy is the Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL to use?

Its sophistication is a bit overwhelming, but the basics are intuitive. The power-on button is at the back and the lever head releases just above that.

A quick start-guide is included to instruct you on its presets, functions and warming levels. Clear diagrams show you what’s in the box, so the set-up is fun to walk through.

Because the lever head is so big, an in-bowl illumination light is a handy addition, so checking on your rising dough or melting chocolate becomes a simple, satisfying job.

While weighing ingredients, the touchscreen displays your chosen metric and although the second bowl can’t be used for weighing, it comes in handy for decanting pre-measured ingredients. It’s a relatively simple touchscreen to control with swiping.

The transparent mixer shield attaches from the front but it’s easy for liquids to dribble down the outside of the bowl if the lid isn’t loaded correctly. There’s also a removable splash guard that covers the back.


The dough hook was quiet, methodical and thorough in collecting every bit of flour and dry ingredients. Planetary mixing helps the attachments reach every bit, eventually bringing it together into a soft, workable ball.

We left the dough to prove on the designated preset for an hour and it doubled in size. A beeper sounds when the countdown ends and it’s time to work your dough. This function is a game changer for reliability in achieving the same kind of bakes every time. The buns were soft and had the best consistency of all the Chelsea buns we made during this test.

Although its bowl can take 16 egg whites, we successfully whisked three for chocolate & peanut pavlova, utilising the whisking preset which warms the bowl. The finished article was glossy, crisp and gooey in the middle with excellent rise.

As expected, the cake beater with silicone scraper edges scooped up wayward lumps of unmixed sugar and soft butter easily, producing a gluten-free lemon & orange cake that was well mixed, light and happily risen.


For serious bakers wanting to make more or larger quantities, this Kenwood is modern and sophisticated, almost fail-safe mixer to help you make almost anything. Although smaller quantities look almost comical in its cavernous 7-litre bowl, it easily produces fluffy cakes along with light, well-risen enriched doughs. If you’re going to spend almost £800 on a home stand mixer, this one offers you huge scope for personalisation with its touch screen controls, integrated weighing scales, bowl warmer and timer.

Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL specifications

Serial number: KWL90.004SI
Wattage: 1400W
Speeds: electronic speed control
Functions: beating, creaming, kneading, whisking
Capacity of bowl: 7-litre EasyWarm bowl and 5-litre extra bowl
Warranty: 10-years

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