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If you're a serious baker who loves getting stuck in to elaborate cakes and sugar work, an icing turntable is for you.

An icing turntable is used by placing an undecorated cake onto its rotating surface, then turning it as you smooth sheets of icing, apply buttercream, pipe frosting or stick decorations on your bake.

Read on to discover which icing tables to buy. For more on baking, visit our reviews section and find buyer's guides including the best baking equipment, electric beaters, bundt cake tins and more.

The best icing turntables

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Wilton icing turntable in a box

Wilton High and Low cake turntable

Best icing turntable for tilting action

This turntable is impressive as it has a non-slip base, which means that if you spin it too fast, your cake creation won't end up on the floor. It also tilts, which is brilliant as it means that you can reach the tricky parts of the cake that you'd normally have to crouch down to see.

Available from Amazon (£28.85)

Ateco cake stand on white background

Ateco revolving cake stand with non-stick pad

Best investment icing turntable

This professional-standard turntable is worth buying if you bake on a regular basis. While it’s an investment purchase, it comes with the added bonus of an attractive metal base that doubles as a presentation stand. It spins easily and feels robust, plus the non-stick surface means your cake won’t slide around.

Available from The Cake Decorating Company (£74.99)

Plastic icing stand on white background

PME icing turntable

Best non-stick icing turntable

This squat stand is shallow, but it features non-slip feet and buttons to securely fix the cake in place. The spin function is reliable and doesn’t jolt – it rotates freely, meaning there’s no need to stop and start while icing a cake.

Available from Amazon (£16.52)

How we tested icing turntables

Cakes on icing turntables

We looked for the following criteria when testing icing turntables.

A good spin: we looked for a turntable that spins easily and smoothly.
No embellishments: it’s important the turnable is plain, with no aesthetic flourishes that might distract from the cake.
A non-stick surface: there should be a sturdy base to which the cake can cling.
Height: we looked for models with long bases that stood tall, away from the work surface.

Buyer's advice

Edd, John and Frances all agreed that the most important thing to look for is a model that spins easily. If the turntable is stiff and doesn’t rotate well, it might actually make it more difficult to decorate the cake. As you want the cake to stay put, a non-stick base is essential.

Francis advises finding a turntable with plenty of height – it shouldn’t be too shallow, especially if your kitchen work surface is low. If you make a lot of fancy cakes, the bakers say you should think about investing in an expensive, professional turntable with a cast-iron base, as they're far sturdier than cheaper plastic models.

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