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A good rolling pin is an essential for all bakers, and upgrading from wood or plastic to buy a marble rolling pin will take your pastry skills to a whole new level.

Heat is pastry's enemy, so using a cold rolling pin will help you achieve the best results. This is where marble, with its temperature-sensitive characteristics, comes in.

If you chill a marble rolling pin in the fridge before smoothing it over homemade pastry, the butter is less likely to melt, meaning notoriously tricky, technical processes, like making puff pastry, can be made easier.

Marble is a heavy material, so these pins carry some heft. However, the material is very resiliant, so should have good longevity.

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The best marble rolling pins to buy

Masterclass marble rolling pin

Masterclass quarry marble pin and stand

Best lightweight marble rolling pin

The lightest of all the pins, this is suitable for use with more delicate pastry. It also has rounded ends that prevent marks being left in the soft dough. It comes with a 20-year guarantee and is dishwasher-safe, so it’s a good investment for your kitchen kit.

Available from Amazon (£24.95)

Marbletree hand crafted rolling pin

Marbletree hand-crafted rolling pin and stand

Best marble rolling pin for aesthetic

This handmade rolling pin has a beautiful high polish finish with lovely rounded ends. With its matching stand, it’s beautiful to look at as well as to use.

Available from Not on the High Street (£45)

How we tested marble rolling pins

We judged a representative sample of marble rolling pins and scored them against the following criteria.

Rounded ends: so there are no marks left in the pastry

A stand: for easy storage

Affordability: marble products can get very expensive due to material costs

Smooth movement: an easy-to-hold pin that moves across surfaces smoothly

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Which rolling pin do you use? Are you a marble devotee or more of a traditionalist?

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