• Classic design, sturdy all-rounder


  • Some vibration at high speed

KitchenAid hand mixer summary

The classic KitchenAid nine-speed hand mixer is a sturdy, light whisk that comes in gloriously glossy colours. Included is a range of four different accessories in high-quality stainless steel, including beaters, dough hooks, a whisk and stick blender. These come stored in a neat little canvas bag. The whisk is well-balanced, lightweight, and has a state-of-the-art electronic speed switch that's effortless to use. It performed exceptionally well in all the tests we set it. This is the most expensive whisk in our selection, but it delivers by the bucketload, and is well worth the price.


Available from: KitchenAid (£109)

What were our first impressions of the KitchenAid hand mixer?

The KitchenAid hand mixer, like the brand's iconic stand mixer, is a classic design. The robustly built electric whisk, though not die-cast, has a sturdy, glossy, plastic casing that looks just as good, but is so much lighter. It comes in an array of colours to suit every kitchen; we tested a bright, shiny red model. The whisk comes with the regular beaters, whisk, and dough hook attachments, as well as a stick blender attachment, all of which are made in good-quality stainless steel. It also arrives in cardboard packaging, with a minimal amount of polystyrene. We particularly love the little canvas storage bag for the attachments.


How is the KitchenAid hand mixer to use?

Despite the sturdiness of this handsome machine, it's not the heaviest in our selection, and has a lovely balance that's helped by the handle, which has a super-soft grip.

The KitchenAid is the only machine in our best hand mixer test with nine speeds including, as KitchenAid calls it, a slow start on speed 1, so delicate mixes like buttercream and whipped cream are started at a slower speed – meaning there's less chance of icing sugar clouds or ingredients spilling from the bowl.

The speed increases with an electronic control rather than the standard slider, which is controlled by touching up or down arrows. We found this enjoyable to use, making it our favourite speed control in the test.

With nine speed settings, the higher end is quite ferocious, but makes short work of bread dough, which becomes silky-smooth in no time.

However, there is also a discernible vibration at around speeds 8 and 9, and you have to hold on tight to prevent slippage. During our test, we found that beyond the initial mixing at speed 1, most mixes could be made using the middle-range speeds. KitchenAid also provides a comprehensive chart of which accessory to use for which mixture, and at which speed, in the instruction book.

We love the smaller touches with this whisk, too. The cord has three settings – left, right and centre – to prevent it getting in the way, and the slots for the beaters have tiny diagrams to indicate which accessory goes where. The previously mentioned storage bag also has special sections for each accessory.

The KitchenAid performed well in all tests, producing great bread dough, super-light buttercream, and perfectly whipped egg whites and cream.

Our verdict

A great all-rounder, with the bonus of the mini stick blender for emulsifying dressings, mixing sauces and making milkshakes. Yes, it is the most expensive in our test, but it delivers in performance, so it's well worth the price.

Available from: KitchenAid (£109)

KitchenAid hand mixer 5KHM9212 specifications:

Attachments: twin beaters, two dough hooks, whisk and stick blender
Eject button: yes
Speeds: nine speed settings, plus slow start
Weight: 1.1 kg
Size: 8 x 20 x 13.5cm
Wattage: 85W
Dishwasher safe parts: attachments only

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