Cuisinart FP8U Easy Prep Pro food processor

Pros: high-quality components, attractive design
Cons: no jug attachment


Star rating: 4.5/5

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The FP8U Easy Prep Pro is a relatively simple processor, with just a pair of mixing bowls, two slicing/grating discs and a couple of chopping blades. You might come to see this simplicity as a strength, in light of the excellent quality and performance of these components.

Our first test for the FP8U was making a chicken soup with garlic, onion, leek and potato – first using the processor to slice the ingredients, then blending the soup in its large mixing bowl to finish off the recipe.

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The power of the appliance proved to be impressive: it sliced leeks, onions and garlic into delicate pieces in the space of a few seconds, making the job far easier.

When chopping with the larger blade, we did find that the occasional large chunk would get wedged between the blade and the container – something we’d class as more of a minor annoyance than a fatal flaw. The mixing bowl kept perfectly watertight, even when we were blending the highest permissible volume of chunky soup.

Further tests – including attempts at making tempura batter and pesto – proved the FP8U to be an effective all-rounder, capable of processing ingredients evenly and with minimal fuss.

This came as little surprise, given the evidently excellent quality of the processor. Its mixing bowls, blades and discs are impressively tough; its chunky motor unit clearly built to last. We were even impressed with its appearance – especially the soft curves of the metal base, and the simple, chunky control buttons.

This is a thoroughly practical food processor. Its motor won’t start without the mixing bowl properly attached, which is great from a health and safety point of view, and the appliance and accessories are especially easy to store, with a modest footprint and few components beyond those which fit seamlessly into the main mixing bowl.

The FP8U also ranks as one of the softest-sounding food processors we’ve tested.

All things considered, this appliance would be an ideal choice for those who prize simplicity, effectiveness and quality over novel functions and features.

Components: base unit, small (0.7L) and large (1.9L) mixing bowls, feed tube, slicing/grating discs (fine and medium), small and large chopping blades, recipe book
Functions: slice, shred, chop, grate, knead, mix, blend
Colours: silver, frosted pearl
Item weight: 3.1kg
Speed settings: high, low, pulse

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