After a long day, it’s so tempting to grab ready-made convenience food for a swift and stress-free dinner solution, but these healthy traybake recipes are the perfect alternative. They’re nutritious, tasty and will cost you a fraction of the price. Take our chicken, red pepper & almond traybake; it's a colourful supper heady with North African spice and rich with nutrients – and it only takes 15 minutes to prep.


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1. Layered aubergine & lentil bake

Creamy mozzarella, tangy tomato sauce and soft aubergine marry together perfectly in this vegetarian traybake. The wholesome addition of lentils and butternut squash bulks it out, too, making it a really substantial and satisfying meal. You may have to use one extra pan to fry onions and garlic, but we promise it will be worth the extra few minutes.Discover more veggie delights in our vegetarian dinner collection.

2. Pork & parsnip traybake

A combo of sweet, oven-roasted root veg and tender pork is ideal for an easy weeknight all-in-one recipe. Our pork chop & parsnip traybake is the healthy, hearty dish you've been waiting all day for and it'll be less than an hour before it's on the table. A drizzle of honey and scattered sage leaves mingle with the juices to make a sumptuous sauce to go with your meal. Make more mouth-watering pork chop recipes.

3. Curried chicken & new potato traybake

With a dash of garam masala, plus turmeric, ginger and garlic, you can transform bland chicken into an exotic family favourite. This low-calorie chicken dish is ideal for a simple, light dinner. Who could turn down golden-brown new potatoes and drumsticks? Serve with a spoonful of natural yogurt to balance the spices and we guarantee that even picky eaters will wolf down this one-pan meal. Find more ways to perk up your poultry with our ultimate chicken collection.

4. Baked fish with tomatoes, basil & crispy crumbs

Bake a low-fat crispy-crumbed fish dish that'll satisfy the whole family. This cod & tomato traybake uses sweet cherry tomatoes balanced with tart balsamic vinegar, herby pesto and fresh green veg. In true traybake fashion, this recipe is foolproof and stress-free. Find more ideas for your fillets in our healthy fish collection.

5. Salmon pesto traybake with baby roast potatoes

With its fresh and flavoursome pesto crust, this salmon traybake offers a taste of the Mediterranean – with no need to fork out on flights! Teamed with crispy roast potatoes and lots of roast veg, this nutritious dish is sure to tame rumbling tummies.Get more winning family meals in our easy, kid-friendly collection.

6. Tomato baked eggs

The dippy egg gets a Good Food makeover in the form of our tomato baked eggs. Grab your crusty bread and get scooping up these deliciously runny eggs in a herby tomato sauce. With five ingredients, this recipe is budget-friendly, time-saving and utterly addictive.Treat the family to even more tasty, healthy egg recipes.

7. Greek-style roast fish

Pining for a sun-soaked Greek island? We can offer you the next best thing: our Greek-style roast fish with herby tomatoes and zesty lemon wedges. This pleasing, pocket-friendly traybake is vibrantly fresh and adaptable. Try using a variety of sustainable white fish for a neat twist. Indulge in more Hellenic flavours with our Greek recipe collection.

8. Crunchy baked tomato & onion gratin

Simple recipes are always our first port of call in the kitchen and this throw-together crunchy baked tomato gratin is freezable, too, if you need a make-ahead dinner. On top of that, it's a vegan crowd-pleaser. Serve with chunks of fresh bread to mop up the juices.

9. Healthy egg & chips

Any excuse to have breakfast for dinner and we are on it. This healthy traybake version of classic egg & chips is ideal for a casual help-yourself meal for the middle of the table and even better with a hearty helping of baked beans. Simply bake your veggies, then crack eggs into small spaces for an easy veggie supper that can be easily halved if need be.

10. Tomato & chickpea bake

Feel smug while bagging four of your five-a-day in one bowlful of our tomato & chickpea bake. Who could resist satisfyingly soft veg (aubergine also features) topped with crunchy parmesan-topped baguette slices? This family-friendly dish is so filling you won't miss the meat.

Try more ways to serve this delicious storecupboard staple in our chickpea recipe collection.

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