Serving up a big bowl of fresh, crunchy salad is a great way to get your nutrients. Not only can you easily hit your five-a-day, with a few clever additions, you can top up your protein and fibre intake, too.


For vegans and vegetarians, avocado is a wise choice as it's packed with healthy fats, and a sprinkling of nuts or seeds can increase the plant-based protein. If you're happy to have meat or fish, lean chicken and tinned tuna are quick, easy and healthy ingredients to go for.

Below, find our top 10 healthiest salad recipes then check out the health benefits of lentils, avocado, olive oil and tomatoes. For more ideas, have a look at our salad ideas for dinner, warm salad recipes and chicken salad recipes.

1. Healthy salad

Crunchy chopped salad

Everyone needs a good chopped green salad recipe in their repertoire. You can easily add cold leftover chicken, cooked fish, feta, halloumi or tofu – as well as any cooked grains. Top with seeds and pomegranate seeds for extra crunch.

Crunchy chopped salad with tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce

2. High-protein salad

Chicken satay salad

Try this no-fuss salad for a filling lunch or dinner. It's high in protein, thanks to the marinated chicken breasts and punchy peanut satay dressing.

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Chicken satay salad with gem lettuce, cucumber and pomegranate on a white plate

3. Low-calorie salad

Tuna, asparagus & white bean salad

This rustic salad calls for only eight ingredients, most of which you may already have in your kitchen. It's low in calories and fat, and packs up well for lunch. If asparagus isn't in season, you could use cooked and cooled green beans instead.

Tuna, asparagus & white bean salad

4. Healthy vegan salad

Vegan roast spiced squash salad with tahini dressing

Roast butternut squash with smoked paprika until it becomes sweet and smoky, then add to this nutrient-rich salad. It's super filling and a great source of plant-based protein, thanks to the quinoa and beans. It's delicious cold the next day, too.

Vegan roast spiced squash salad with tahini dressing

5. High-fibre salad

Giant couscous salad with charred veg & tangy pesto

Beetroot is rich in folate, iron and a chemical called betalain, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The roasted tomatoes and red onion lend a sweetness to this wonderful dish. The zingy coriander pesto dressing makes this a next-level salad.

Giant couscous salad with charred veg & tangy pesto on a yellow plate

6. Healthy vegetarian salad

Peanut lime salad

Make this punchy peanut and lime salad to enjoy with cooked cubes of paneer or tofu. It's flavoured with fragrant curry leaves (available in big supermarkets) and bulked out with potato and rice, so you're guaranteed to feel satisfied. You’ll be making it again and again.

Peanut lime salad served on a white dish

7. Healthy gluten-free salad

Lentil & tuna salad

Throw together this easy, no-cook lentil and tuna salad for a speedy and healthy lunch or supper. It takes just 15 minutes to make – ideal for busy days. You could serve alongside some dressed green leaves, if you like.

Lentil & tuna salad with tomatoes, herbs and red peppers

8. Low-carb salad

Epic summer salad

Perfect for barbecues and buffets, our epic salad is an assembly job of gorgeous ingredients – no cooking required. It's low in carbs and salt, too. For an impressive summer feast, serve with lamb kebabs.

Large summer salad on a plate, topped with feta

9. Low-salt salad

Celery salad

This herby celery and bulgur wheat salad will keep in the fridge for a few days - it's a great healthy lunch to have on hand. The contrast of toasted nuts and sweet apple complements really well, and means you get a good dose of healthy fats.

Celery salad with apple, hazelnuts, avocado and bulgur wheat

10. Low-sugar salad

Chickpea salad

Use a touch of harissa to liven up a this easy chickpea salad. It's low in calories, takes just 10 minutes to whip up and makes an ideal side dish for cooked lamb. Alternatively, top with crumbled feta and serve with tzatziki.

Chickpea salad

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