Cold brew coffee

How to make iced coffee at home

Learn how to make iced coffee at home with our top barista tips. See how to make classic drinks like cold brew, iced lattes and Dalgona coffee.

Experience your favourite coffee shop at home with our top recipes and barista tips. Recreate classic drinks like iced lattes, cold brew, frappés and trendy whipped coffee.


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How to make iced coffee at home

Iced coffee

Make this classic treat at home with our iced coffee recipe. Brew 200ml strong black coffee and let it cool completely. Blend with 50ml milk and a couple of handfuls of ice.

Sweeten with homemade sugar syrup or maple syrup. Feel free to swap traditional milk with oat milk or almond milk.

Iced latte

Whip up this iced latte for a refreshing coffee kick at home. Brew two espresso shots and mix with two tablespoons of sugar while it’s still hot. Once the sugar has dissolved, pour over ice to chill the espresso. Add 100ml milk and stir until combined.

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Cold brew coffee

To make cold brew coffee, use a coffee grinder to coarsely grind 50g coffee beans. Add the coffee grounds and 400ml water to a large jug and leave to steep for one day.

Filter the coffee grounds, then serve by diluting one part cold brew with two parts water. Adjust the ratio to your preference and add milk and sweeteners, if you like.

Dalgona coffee

Super trendy Dalgona coffee, or whipped coffee, has taken social media by storm. Simply whisk instant coffee, boiling water and sugar for five minutes until the mixture is thick and fluffy with stiff peaks. We recommend using a hand mixer.

Pour cold milk into two glasses and top with the whipped coffee.


Whip up a frappé for a tasty coffee shop favourite. Pour 200ml brewed coffee, 50ml milk and a couple of tablespoons of sugar syrup into a blender. Blitz with a handful of ice cubes until foamy and the ice is broken into slush.

To make it extra luxurious, add a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream on top.

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