Get into the spirit of spring with our clever Easter recipes. Whether you're after a brilliant breakfast or nourishing, comforting dessert, discover our snacks and treats that both kids and adults will enjoy making and eating.


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Healthy Easter bunny pancakes

Healthy pancakes in a bunny shape

Hop into the kitchen and whip up these cute bunny-shaped pancakes. We've used wholemeal flour to increase the fibre content. Kids will love getting creative and decorating them with fresh or dried fruit.

Healthy spiced rice pudding

A bowl of spiced rice pudding topped with fresh orange segments

Wholegrain rice makes a delicious, wholesome base for this comforting dessert. We've infused it with the same spices you'd find in a hot cross bun to make it a satisfying Easter treat.

Healthy Easter boiled eggs

A chopping board with boiled eggs in bunny shapes

Easter isn't all about chocolate eggs. Get kids excited about their savoury counterparts with this cute serving suggestion. Eggs are a great source of protein, too. Read more about their health benefits.

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Healthy chocolate brownies

Healthy chocolate brownies cut into squares

You don't have to miss out on chocolate if you're trying to eat healthily. Enjoy these lighter brownies, which are low in fat, with no added sugar and gluten-free. Great for any Easter guests with special diets.

Healthy cookies

Raspberry, almond & oat breakfast cookies

Grab a few of these energy-boosting cookies for a quick breakfast, or offer them as snacks to bridge the hunger gap before dinner. They're a much more nourishing choice than processed Easter cakes and treats.

Healthy falafel scotch eggs

Falafel Scotch eggs in a picnic basket

Yes, you read that right – you can have your scotch egg and eat it too with this healthy recipe. We've covered them in a herby chickpea mixture that the whole family will love.

Healthy veg patch hummus

Pots of hummus with carrots

Spoon nutritious, creamy hummus into clean mini plant pots and serve with baby carrots or other crudités. We've added plenty of flavour with lemon, garlic and tahini paste, and these pots are vegan, too.

Fruity fondue

fruity fondue

Everybody loves melted chocolate, and kids will love dunking berries, melon, grapes or any of their favourite fruits into it. You could even melt leftover Easter eggs, if you have them.

Healthy chocolate milkshake

Healthy chocolate milkshake

Easter is for chocolate in all forms. Here, we've blitzed banana, avocado, cocoa and soya milk to make a healthier take on milkshake. Sip and enjoy, knowing it's much better for you than regular milkshakes.

Pesto egg muffin bites

Pesto egg muffin bites

Not quite your regular Easter egg, but these egg bites are still delicious. Plus, they're simple enough for kids to help make. Simply whisk, crumble in cheese, mix in pesto, bake and enjoy.

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