The savoury cocktail scene has been booming on social media this past year, with cocktail connoisseurs pushing the boundaries of what can be served in sipping form, from cacio e pepe martinis to hot dog old fashioneds. It seems that sweet and sugary tipples are out, while bold and spicy blends are in, with punchy martinis and spicy margaritas among the most popular.


If you're partial to cocktails with an umami kick, you'll love the savoury libations featured below. Like the sound of a pickled cocktail onion to garnish your martini? How about an ice-cold lager mixed with lime juice, black pepper and chilli powder? Keep scrolling to discover your new favourite savoury cocktail order.

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Michelada (Mexican beer cocktail)

A bottle of lager being poured into a glass with a wedge of lime alongside

Are you a fan of beer-based cocktails? Are you also partial to cocktails with a spicy kick? If the answer is yes, this Mexican-inspired beer cocktail should be right at the top of your drinks list. Popular throughout Latin America and great for a summer party, a punchy yet refreshing michelada combines cold lager with chilli powder, hot sauce, salt, black pepper and lime.

Try it for yourself – you may even prefer it to a classic bloody mary.

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Gibson cocktail

Gibson cocktail in glass with pearl onions

If you like your cocktails with an umami kick, try this punchy tipple – it's similar in flavour to a classic martini. The gibson is garnished with a pickled onion that's been charred in a hot, non-stick frying pan.

To make this cocktail, simply pour dry vermouth and gin into a mixing glass or jug, add ice cubes and stir for around 30 seconds to achieve the desired dilution. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or, for extra flair, pour it into a small glass bottle and sit in an ice-filled tumbler that acts as a mini ice bucket. Serve with a small liqueur or port glass on the side for pouring.

Dirty martini

Glass of dirty martini

A dirty martini is one of the most well-known recipes on the savoury cocktail scene. In our recipe, dry gin and vermouth are combined with olive brine, then garnished with a few pitted green olives on a cocktail stick.

This makes an easy and elegant cocktail to impress guests at your next party.

Mediterranean savoury G&T

A glass serving Mediterranean savoury G&T

If you're a fan of a classic gin & tonic, try this Mediterranean twist featuring tomatoes and ginger. For an elegant finish, garnish each glass with a halved cherry tomato on a cocktail stick, then add a few drops of arbequina or another good-quality extra virgin olive oil just before serving.

A super-special savoury serve, it would work well as a refreshing start or end to a dinner party.

Cucumber martinis

Two cucumber martinis on blue napkins

We've given a classic martini a refreshing twist by replacing olives with cucumber ribbons. This recipe also features mint and a simple sugar syrup, but you can adjust the amount according to your preferences.

Try it for a sophisticated cocktail that's great for entertaining guests.

Fennel gimlet

Fennel gimlet

This savoury, herby gin cocktail is full of fresh and interesting flavours, such as fennel, celery seed and tangy lime juice.

You start by making a syrup: put caster sugar in a medium saucepan with 50ml water, fennel seeds and celery seeds. Stir and cook gently over a low heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat, cool for 10 mins, then add the lime juice. The syrup is then strained through a sieve into a cocktail shaker, along with gin and a handful of ice, and shaken to combine. Add a wedge of baby fennel to each glass, then serve with your choice of nibbles.

El padron

El padron cocktail in glass

If you're into spicy cocktails, this one's for you. This genius recipe by Nottingham-based cocktail bar 400 Rabbits packs a little heat, which is beautifully balanced by mezcal's sweet, smoky flavour.

Serve in a tumbler filled with ice, then garnish with a padron pepper and slice of lime to serve this summer sipper.

Bloody mary


Perhaps the savoury cocktail with the most enduring popularity, it's hard to beat a classic bloody mary for a boozy brunch. This classic vodka cocktail combines vodka, tomato juice and lemon juice, along with three shakes of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, and a pinch each of celery salt and pepper. Add a celery stick and lemon slice for a savoury garnish.


You can turn up the Tabasco spice or dial it down to suit your taste.

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