Catching up over dinner is a thing of the past – nowadays everyone's favourite meal is weekend brunch. With so many of us dedicating our Saturdays and Sundays to poaching eggs or making fresh waffles, it's no real surprise that our brunches are getting a boozy upgrade. Whether you're planning a group brunch with friends, or simply want to add a tipple to a late Sunday breakfast, we've got you covered with the ultimate brunch cocktails.


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One of the most popular cocktails at brunch, the mimosa keeps things simple with a citrus juice base (fresh-squeezed orange juice is best) topped with a little fizz. Mix up this classic cocktail with orange juice and champagne – or use prosecco if you prefer a different sort of bubbly. Top with sparkling water for a non-alcoholic version.

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Elderflower & herb cooler


Our elegant elderflower & herb cooler is a simple spritz with floral flavours that extend to pretty ice cubes filled with herbs and flowers. A few carefully placed sprigs of rosemary and thyme combine beautifully with the elderflower and rhubarb cordial. Perfect for a brunch in springtime and definitely one to impress your guests with.

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Bloody mary


Often served at the brunch table, the bloody mary is a classic vodka cocktail that packs plenty of heat and is known to help your headache if you've had a little too much to drink the night before. Learn how to make the ultimate bloody mary with our easy recipe. It's perfect with our ultimate scrambled eggs on toast.

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Another classic cocktail, the Bellini is served in an elegant flute and simply combines any fruit purée and prosecco. The wonder of a Bellini is that the base is interchangable so you can serve a variety of flavours such as peach, mango or strawberry. Or why not let your guests make their own flavours?

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Espresso martini


If you feel brunch needs a dose of caffeine, serve espresso martinis all round. This classic coffee cocktail has become increasingly popular of late – freshly brewed espresso is mixed with vodka, a dash of coffee liqueur and sugar syrup to make a cocktail that will definitely kick-start the day.

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