Try these beer cocktails, then check out our main collection of cocktail recipes as well as our gin cocktails, vodka cocktails and rum cocktails.

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  • Classic shandy in a large glass

    Classic shandy

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    Customise this classic shandy with your choice of beer and let the lemonade bring that citrus zing. It's a great thirst-quencher on hot, balmy days

  • Classic beer mojito served in a tall glass

    Beer mojito

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    Beer lovers rejoice: you can swap soda water for beer to give a classic mojito a delightful twist while still maintaining the white rum, mint and lime flavours

  • Tropical beer cocktail in a glass with a watermelon garnish

    Tropical beer cocktail

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    Evoke memories of relaxing at your favourite beach with this sensational beer-based tropical fruit cocktail, with vodka and watermelon syrup

  • Spritzy summer surprise cocktail in a glass

    Ginger spritz

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    Enjoy an ale, prosecco and ginger beer cocktail – it's a summery tipple that will have you and your pals fizzing with excitement at your next get-together

  • Boozy dark delight cocktail served in a short glass with chocolate shavings on top

    Boozy dark delight

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.1 rating

    Enjoy this night-cap cocktail to round off your evening. Made with stout, whisky and orange liqueur, it's smooth and rich – ideal for cooler evenings

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