Everyone loves a crumble, it's the undisputed king of family desserts. The sweet crunchy topping, mouthwatering mix of fruit, and custard or ice cream on the side are a winning combination.


Crumbles are so versatile, you can eat them throughout the year, making the most of nature's harvest, sweet and savoury too. The key is to think seasonally. Aim for perfectly ripe produce and don't forget to add a touch of spice. We've brought together our finest fillings and crunchiest toppings for you to enjoy.


rhubarb crumble

Kick off the season of growth with an archetypal fruity favourite. Spring is when rhubarb comes into its own, so make use of it in a perfectly pink crumble.

Firm favourites:

Classic rhubarb crumble
Rhubarb & pear crumble
Rhubarb & ginger crumble

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Try a twist:

rhubarb puffs with oaty streusel topping

...and because we can't get enough of rhubarb crumble, we've given a nod to this classic in cake, pastry and muffin form. Each with that characteristic ripple of rhubarb and an element of crunch.

Rhubarb puffs with oaty streusel topping
Rhubarb crumble muffins
Rhubarb crumble cake


Gooseberry Crumble

With an abundance of produce, summer is the perfect time to get experimental with your crumbles. Seaosonal berries can jazz up any crumble with a hint of tartness or a burst of sweetness. Gooseberries are only available fresh for a short time and they make fantastic crumbles, so snap them up when you see them.

Firm favourites:
Very-berry oat crumble
Gooseberry crumble
Raspberry & redcurrant cobbler

Try a twist:


Here are four ways to create a crumble hybrid. From crumble-topped cake to creamy berry pots with a biscuity crunch, our homages to the perfect pud won't disappoint.

Cherry crumble cake
Berry crumble pots
Gooseberry flapjack crumble
Raspberry & apple crumble squares


Damson crumble

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness indeed! Plums, pears, apples, blackberries and damsons are the staples of autumn. They're best enjoyed hot, with liberal dollops of custard to cosy things up as the evenings close in. Experiment with a sprinkling of nuts and warming spices such as ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Firm favourites:
Damson crumble
Spiced plum & blackberry crumble
Autumn crunchy crumble
Pear & blackberry crumbles

Try a twist:


From our half scone, half crumble 'scrumble' to a deconstructed dessert, there's always a new way to enjoy that satisfyingly sweet crunch.

Nice 'n' icy crumble
Crunchy spiced pums
Blackberry & pear scrumble


baked apple & toffee crumble

Believe it or not, winter is actually prime time for apples and pears, which store well over the months. Make a true crumble classic by combining the two. Frozen berries, saved from the previous seasons, also work well, lending a burst of colour and sweetness.

Firm favourites:
Baked apple toffee crumble
Pear, apple & walnut crumble
Pear & mincemeat crumble cake

Try a twist:


Winter's all about wrapping up warm, getting together with friends and cooking up comfort food. Our savoury takes have tender stewed veg and rich sauces – they'll soon be your new go-to winter warmers.

Ham & veg crumble
Butter bean & squash crumble
Wintry vegetable crumbles

Get crumbling with our 'how to make the perfect crumble' video, demonstrated by Cassie Best.

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What's your favourite crumble combo? Or do you have an unusual twist? Let us know in the comments section below...

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