Toad-in-the-hole or sausage toad is a traditional English dish of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with onion gravy and vegetables. Batter puddings became popular in the early 18th century, with dishes like toad-in-the-hole appearing in print as early as 1762. Toad-in-the-hole was originally created to stretch out meat in poor households. Today, toad-in-the-hole has become a household staple. It's a great midweek, comforting dinner as it uses budget-friendly ingredients, it doesn't take a long time to prepare, and it can be cooked in large batches, so it's perfect for feeding a crowd or reheating for another day.


While toad-in-the-hole is traditionally made using sausages, our vegan and vegetarian ideas are ideal for a meat-free dinner.

See our twists on a toad-in-the-hole recipe below, and also check out more of our comforting toad-in-the-hole recipes.

1. Easy cheesy mustard toad-in-the-hole with broccoli


Elevate your toad-in-the-hole experience with golden brown sausages in a bed of luscious, melting mustardy cheddar cheese, with tender broccoli florets peeking out from between. It's accompanied by a side of steamed greens and topped with a generous ladle of our rich homemade gravy.

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2. Mini toad-in-the-holes

Two miniature toad-in-the-holes on a plate with mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy

Downsize your regular toad-in-the-hole into adorable, bite-sized muffin versions. These delights are an ideal project for some quality family time in the kitchen. The recipe is thoughtfully crafted with our junior chefs in mind, allowing them to take the lead. The bold instructions are designed for them to follow, fostering their culinary prowess and enhancing their reading skills simultaneously.

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3. Pigs-in-blankets toad in the hole

Pot of toad-in-the-hole with sausages wrapped in bacon

If you thought toad-in-the-hole couldn't get any better, then think again. This toad-in-the-hole stuffed with pigs in blankets combines the comforting warmth of this traybake with your favourite festive trimming. It uses fewer than 10 ingredients and can be on the table in under an hour.

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4. Air-fryer toad-in-the-hole

Small rectangular dish of toad-in-the-hole

Make this toad-in-the-hole in your air-fryer for a simple weeknight meal for two. Taking only 25 minutes from start to finish, it's a fuss-free dinner with only two simple steps – perfect for when you're tired and want a low-effort, warming meal.

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5. Veggie toad-in-the-hole

Hand taking serving from baking dish of toad in the hole

This vegetarian toad-in-the-hole uses only five ingredients to make a meat-free marvel. Use your favourite vegetarian sausages and pair them with vegetarian gravy and your favourite side dishes. We suggest fried brussel sprouts for a burst of green and honey-roasted carrots and parsnips for some sweetness.

6. Ham & asparagus toad-in-the-hole

Tray of ham wrapped asparagus toad-in-the-hole

If you're not a big sausage lover, why not try our ham-wrapped asparagus toad-in-the-hole? Cook your asparagus for two minutes in boiling water before taking it out and wrapping it in ham. Add to your pan with your batter mix and bake for 20 minutes for dinner on the table in 30 minutes.

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7. Sausage & stuffing toad-in-the-hole with onion gravy

Tray of sausage and stuffing toad-in-the-hole

Add stuffing to your toad-in-the-hole for a different texture and even more flavour. Adding sage to your stuffing will add a slightly peppery and earthy taste. Drizzle with our beautiful onion and yeast extract gravy for a rich umami kick.

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8. Vegan toad-in-the-hole with red onion & balsamic gravy


Craving some hearty, plant-based comfort food to warm your soul on a chilly winter night? Look no further – our vegan toad-in-the-hole is precisely what you need. Crafted with creativity, it ditches the egg and opts for chickpea flour, aquafaba and soy milk. Don't forget to drizzle it with our sensational balsamic gravy.

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9. Root veg & pancetta toad-in-the-hole with onion gravy

Root veg & pancetta toad-in-the-hole with onion gravy

If you're not too keen on sausages but still want a cosy Yorkshire pudding meal, why not switch things up with some good old root veggies? Simple sweet carrots, mellow parsnips and earthy beetroot come together effortlessly. As the pancetta crisps up, it complements the sweet notes of carrots and parsnips, while the beetroot adds a grounded, rustic flavour to the mix.

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10. Catherine wheel toad-in-the-hole with honey & mustard onions


Light up the dinner table with a catherine wheel of coiled Yorkshire pudding. Then, stuff it with your choice of sausages – we highly recommend the classic Cumberland or dainty chipolatas – and finally, top them with luscious caramelised honey and mustard onions.

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