How to make the ultimate mashed potato

How to make the ultimate mashed potato

Perfect the art of making creamy and fluffy mashed potato and make your mealtime accompaniments forever popular... Our experts tell you how.

When it comes to being mashed potato fans, we’d give Bodger & Badger a run for their money. Comforting, fluffy and creamy – the humble sausage would be lost without it, and so would we. So we’ve asked our cookery team for their top tips…


First, choose your potato…

Maris Pipers or King Edwards are our teams tatty of choice, when it comes to showing a potato who’s boss. But if you want to try something new we recommend a sweet potato mash too.

… Our teams top tips

Bowl of creamy mashed potatoes

Smooth operator

Senior food editor Cassie: Use a potato ricer, and let it steam dry really well before mashing so it’s not watery and soggy. Got leftovers? They make a great base for easy fishcakes.

Cookery assistant Sophie: Try pushing it through a metal sieve with a ladle or the back of a spoon to get a really smooth texture.

Get ahead mash

Cookery assistant Sophie: You don’t have to mash the potato at the very last minute – to get ahead, mash your potato without adding butter or milk then leave it covered in cling film in the fridge and simply add butter and milk to reheat when you want to serve it.

Make it dairy-free

Cookery assistant Sophie: Almond milk makes a great swap for regular milk if you want to go dairy-free or vegan. For a cheesy flavoured mash, add a spoonful of nutritional yeast.

Cutting the calories

Cookery assistant Sophie: If you’re cutting calories, try doing 1/2 potato and 1/2 root vegetables. Or make your mash healthier by adding half-fat crème fraîche instead of butter and milk, then boil garlic with the potatoes for added flavour. Check out our garlic & herb mash recipe for more instructions.

Take it slowly

Food editor at large Barney: If you’ve got time, the very best mashed potato is made with the inside of jacket potatoes.

Sneaky spinach

Watercress mash with wooden spoon in a pan

Assistant food editor Miriam: Add finely chopped wilted spinach to sneak in an extra veg. Can’t get enough of good-for-you greens? Try our creamy watercress mashed potato.

Indulgent mash

Cookery writer Chelsie: Want to make your mash extra luxurious? Don’t hold back on the butter, cream and milk… or try adding truffle butter instead of regular butter.

What’s your flavour? Tell us what’s your flavour…

Mashed potato is a hero in our eyes because of it’s almost endless ability to be flavoured in new and exciting ways. From a kick of horseradish to apple and artichoke, you’ll never look at your spuds in the same way again…

Sweet potato, coconut & chilli mash 

Roast sweet potatoes whole then mash the smooth flesh with creamy coconut and tangy lime, coriander and spicy chilli, for a mash you won’t forget. Try serving with chargrilled chicken and fresh greens.

Sweet potato, coconut & chilli mash 

Cauliflower cheese mash with thyme

In need of something indulgent? This is a concoction of two of our all-time favourite things, and makes the perfect comforting recipe to see you through a cold, grey day.

Cauliflower cheese mash with thyme

Celeriac, cavolo nero & bacon mash 

Dollop of celeriac, cavolo-nero and bacon mash on a silver spoon

Want to ditch the potato altogether? Try mixing crispy bacon, with wilted cavolo nero and celeriac for a scrumptious change.

Celeriac, cavolo nero & bacon mash

Herby buttermilk mash 

This mash recipe involves beating your potatoes so the result is super-smooth, flavoured with parsley, dill and chives. It makes the perfect match for beef & stout stew with carrots – we might just be in comfort-food heaven.

Herby buttermilk mash 

Caramelised shallot mash 

Cooking for friends? This low-fat but beautifully creamy mash is made to be eaten with sticky sausages, and can turn a midweek meal into something that feels a little bit special – you won’t look back.

Caramelised shallot mash 

Hungry for more?

Still not sated? We salute you! Discover endless ways to mash potatoes into creamy brilliance with our ultimate recipe collection. Gone a little overboard? Fear not, we’ve put together our 10 favourite ways of using up leftover mash in sweet and savoury recipes. You can thank us later…


Have you got a tip for the perfect mash? We’d love to hear it below…