Sesame ramen with bok choy and eggs.

Healthy dinner ideas for one

Make a healthy dinner for one that doesn't compromise on flavour. These simple suppers are satisfying, quick to cook and serve one.

Need an easy, no-fuss dinner for one that won’t leave you hungry? Rustle up one of our top 10 nutritious meals, from nourishing noodle soups to fabulous fish suppers and colourful curries.


Fill your plate with even more colourful healthy dinner recipes from our triple-tested recipe collection. These wholesome suppers will satisfy your cravings and do you good all in one.

Healthy dinner ideas for one

1. Sweet & sour tofu

Healthy, vegan and packing in three of your 5-a-day, our sweet & sour tofu has it all. Throw together veggies, golden-brown crisp tofu pieces, sweet pineapple and a simple sauce for a wholesome meal in just 25 minutes. For extra crispy tofu pieces, try coating in cornflour before frying.

2. Punchy spaghetti

Believe it or not, a plateful of spaghetti can be a healthy, budget-friendly dinner. Whip up this punchy spaghetti with a mixture of courgette, tomatoes and anchovies. The light, lemon and pepper flavour brings just the right amount of warmth without overpowering the delicate veg. Using a little of the pasta water creates a smooth sauce and helps it coat and stick to the pasta. Grab a fork and dive in.

3. Microwave shakshuka

Eggs are the saviour of the speedy, pocket-friendly dinner dash. Make our microwave shakshuka in just 10 minutes. This easy, healthy supper needs just a handful of ingredients and makes a comforting meal for one. Serve with a warmed pitta for dipping into your runny yolk.

4. Super-quick sesame ramen

Nothing beats a bowlful of nourishing noodles in a warming broth, topped with a runny boiled egg and a dash of chilli sauce. Upgrade instant noodles with a few clever additions to make our super-quick sesame ramen for a low-cost, low-calorie dinner.

5. Haddock with cannellini beans and artichokes

We’ve got dinner all wrapped up! This simple and nutritious fish supper is a great all-in-one solo meal. Baking the ingredients in parchment paper gently steams the fish and beans and keeps them tender.

6. Miso mushroom and tofu noodle bowl

Rustle up our miso mushroom & tofu noodle bowl for a dinner that’ll do you good. The miso gives this brilliant bowlful a rich, umami flavour, combined with earthy mushrooms and smoky tofu, this dish really packs in the flavour. It takes just six ingredients to make and will warm you from the inside out.

7. Cod with and orange and dill crumb and hasselback potato

Opt for something bursting with flavours and textures and try our cod with an orange & dill crumb and hasselback potato. The subtle fruity topping to the succulent white fish adds an irresistible crunch.

8. Chicken breast with avocado salad

This satisfying solo salad is great for busy weeknights, prep it for cooking in just 10 minutes. Tender chicken breast grilled with smoky paprika, creamy avocado, and sharp red wine vinegar are a match made in heaven.

9. Spicy courgette pitta pockets

Treat yourself to a marvellous medley of flavours and pack your pittas with grilled veggies, nutty tahini, creamy hummus and spicy harissa paste. Tuck into these spicy courgette pitta pockets for a DIY assembled veggie feast.

10 Tamarind prawn curry

Serve up a dinner in a hurry with our tamarind prawn curry. Take just 20 minutes to whip up this moreish meal, with a distinctive sweet, slightly sour tamarind taste. This perfectly balanced plate is healthy and serves two, so you’ll have leftovers for next day’s lunch.

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